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Food Security: Global Population (Essay Sample)


DUE by TUESDAY 3/12. This is a 2-3 page essay that discusses the readings of your chosen week and suggests another reading that compliments or challenges the ideas expressed by the syllabus readings. This reading must come from an academic journal or publication, or a reputable media
Outlet such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed News, etc. Your essay should briefly summarizes the main argument and subjects of the syllabus readings and your new article, and explains how the new article either compliments or challenges the syllabus readings. You will upload both your essay and the new article (or a working link to it in the body of the essay).
Lee, Richard Phillip. “The politics of international agri-food policy: discourses of trade-oriented food
security and food sovereignty.” Environmental Politics, 2013. Vol. 22, No. 2: pp. 216 – 234.


Food Security
Institutional Affiliation
Food Security

The growing global population is getting increasingly harder to feed. Mitigation of hunger, as well as obesity, is also becoming a challenge for the world. As a result of these challenges, food security has gained more attention as a domain of policy. During the post-war period, agricultural production was aimed at ensuring national-sufficiency in the North. However, the emergence of highly integrated global food supply chains has disrupted the traditional order, leading to a trade-oriented approach towards food security. Similar trends have been observed in the South leading to a rise in agricultural exports to service the Northern retail markets. The trade-oriented approach to food security has been normalized as evidenced by the growth of international trade in food commodities. In response to this shift, an international movement seeking to enhance the discourse of food sovereignty has emerged. The movement, comprising of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Via Campesina, are demanding that agriculture should be removed from the global trade system. They also seek to champion the overhaul of industrial agriculture and agricultural biotechnology in favor of localized food production. They argue that this would help protect rural livelihoods across the globe. These two discourses, trade-oriented food security, and food sovereignty are the basis of the politics of international Agri-food security.

The trade-oriented approach to food security holds that pursuit of food-sufficiency would threaten the world’s food security. This discourse also advances that the adoption of Agri-food technologies such as genetically engineered crops would lead to an increase in productivity. On the other hand, food sovereignty discourse is in the opposition of the existing international trade policy. The two approaches represent distinct discourses in the politics of international Agri-food policy. After examining the competing discourses, Lee (2013) found out that none of the discourses is either fixed or stable. World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations are still deadlocked and incremental, the global geo-politics keep changing rapidly, and technical trade discussions are going on at a slow pace. The contest over food and agriculture is a serious threat to the position of the trade-oriented discourse. Likewise, though the food sovereignty discourse has largely succeeded in occupying a distinctive position in the international Agri-food politics, it has given rise to speculations regarding multi

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