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Final Paper Overview Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Week 7 Final Paper Overview
Throughout the MSN program you have identified core graduate competencies and MSN essentials which were identified and achieved as you complete your MSN Leadership program here at Wilmington University. This final paper will address the highlights of your professional practice here at Wilmington University. Please consider and include the following:
What brought you to the program, what was a problem your identified track (Educator, Executive, LNC, Dual degree) enabled you to explore?
In that exploration, what have you identified as challenges and how did your research in those challenges propose resolutions and next steps?
Include all courses that added to your professional practice and why the courses enabled you to improve your professional practice. The paper should also include professional and academic achievements you have experienced while working towards this degree.
Finally, provide the trajectory of your professional practice as you have come to the end of the degree you were seeking.
What are your future plans and goals for your practice and what changes do you hope to make as an MSN Leadership graduate?
The paper should include scholarly works, in-text citations and a reference list (submit your draft to SmarThinking for initial feedback on formatting and structure).
The COHP Term Paper rubric is used to evaluate this final written product. To view the rubric for this assignment, click on the Week 7 Final Paper assignment page.
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MSN Leadership Program
Student’s Name
Institution Affiliation
MSN Leadership Program
Career development and job satisfaction are essential aspects of every professional (Yarbrough et al., 2017). Learning is a continuous process that takes place in learning institutions and also in workplaces. I joined the MSN program because I wanted to expand my professional knowledge. I want to broaden my career mobility and expand opportunities as a nurse. I have ambitions of working away from the country at some point in my career time. It is a professional ambition that necessitates more knowledge, especially on international nursing standards. This will help me work in any country abroad without any problems or without undergoing another training to catch up with the said countries' standards. Waddell et al. (2015) say that most people lose lifetime opportunities because they do not explore every learning need before finally venturing into full-time work. I did not want to fall victim to the same. Hence, I had to acquire the necessary knowledge through formal learning to widen my mobility and opportunities.

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