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Feedback as the Most Important Aspect in Knowledge (Essay Sample)


the assignment is to respond to this(possibly agreeing and supporting with at leas one reference.)
The terms data and knowledge build upon each other to form wisdom. Data is a set of qualitative or quantitative values obtained by electronics. Knowledge is an individual’s perception of data (and information) throughout his/her life that shapes his/her viewpoints, beliefs, and decision-making. Finally, wisdom is the application of knowledge and the ability for an individual to apply it in the most effective way (McGonigle, 2015). 
There are many components of knowledge building up to wisdom. The first step is knowledge acquisition which describes the act of getting knowledge. An example of knowledge acquisition is memorizing the values of vital signs for each age group. The second step is knowledge processing which describes analyzing the acquired information/data. An example of this is looking at values of vital signs of a patient and determining if those sets of numbers reflect an appropriate value based on that specific patient. The third step is knowledge generation which describes the creation of new knowledge based on an individual's new experiences or education. An example of this was my experience inserting a NG tube in a patient. My only knowledge of this skill was what I had read about, and my experience performing it on a mannequin. My clinical instructor before the procedure gave me tips and recommendations from her experiences that made it easier. Now, I have evolved my knowledge of NG tubes because of my clinical instructor’s input. The fourth step is knowledge dissemination which describes sharing knowledge with others. An example of this was my ability to share and educate with my peers about NG tube placement because of my experience. All of these components starting from step one build upon one another and create a person’s wisdom. Each component takes information and uses future experiences, education, and input from others to tailor it and make the best use of it (McGonigle, 2015).
The use of feedback is another important term within the subject of knowledge…in particular to me is my experience with it in nursing school during clinical and in SIM. Appropriate feedback can enhance student learning by providing information to correct or recommend modification of actions in another more effective way (Calleja, Harvey, Fox, & Carmichael, 2015). The use of feedback coincides with the term knowledge generation because it provides the individual with new information through a trusted source, and in my case, my clinical instructors and professors. Although I don’t love hearing negative feedback, I know it’s important for me to hear and to grow and learn from to build upon my knowledge that will hopefully lead to my wisdom in nursing. 
Calleja, P., Harvey, T., Fox, A., & Carmichael, M. (2015). Feedback and clinical practice improvement: A tool to assist workplace supervisors and students. Nurse Education in Practice, 17, 167-173. doi: http://dx(dot)doi(dot)org/10.1016/j.nepr.2015.11.009
McGonigle, D. (2015). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge, 3rd Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://bookshelf(dot)vitalsource(dot)com/#/books/9781284063691/


This paper has been expertly written as it covers every part of the requirements. The author of this paper has clearly interlinked the term data and knowledge expertly in defining wisdom. She has also clearly differentiated between knowledge and wisdom and how the two are applied in data. This differentiation is important as it helps the health care professional to better apply data in their day-to-day lives.
I agree with the author of this article on the steps that she has given on the acquisition of knowledge. The first step is identified as the memorization of the values of vital signs for each age group. The second step is termed as knowledge processing which involves the analysis of the acquired information/data. The third st...
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