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Fat Burning, Burn Calories As Postulated By Popular Magazines (Essay Sample)


I need the paper to follow the guidelines below:
Much has been written in popular magazines about aerobic training and how it is the only way one can burn fat. Explain this belief, evaluate it, and describe why it may or may not be appropriate. Are there other ways to burn fat? If so, what are some of them? How does your knowledge in this area apply to your future training endeavors?


Fat Burning
Student’s Name
Fat Burning
While aerobic training plays a significant role in fat burning, it is not the only way one can burn calories as postulated by popular magazines. It is important to recognize first that there exist two basic types of physical training: aerobic and anaerobic. According to the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) [2016], aerobic training requires oxygen presence while anaerobic training does not. This paper argues that aerobic training is not the only way one can burn fat and that anaerobic training exercises can produce better results.
The belief that aerobic training is the only way to lose fat is misguided. According to ISSA (2016), the views regarding the effectiveness of aerobic training are changing due to recent research studies. Anaerobic training exercises such as high-in

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