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Faith Integration. Spiritual Prescription Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Dear Writer,
This is part of Pharmacology assignment.
Since our school is based on Christian faith, we have a faith integration prescription assignment. You can choose whatever relates to the Christian faith. You can add two or three references. Thank you.
Faith Integration: Spiritual Rx
Choose a spiritual practice from Spiritual Rx: Prescriptions for living a meaningful life by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat (recommended text). See table on page 19 or the attached list of spiritual practices below. Read the chapter in the text corresponding to the spiritual practice challenge you have selected. Think of how you can apply the spiritual practice recommendations to your life personally and in the lives of your patients or future patients. Answer the following questions, in an approximately one page response:
1. What spiritual challenge did you select and why?
2. Share your personal experience about applying some of the concepts and practices you read about in the book to your area of struggle.
3. Do you think you can share this with your patients? How?
Dear, writer.
This is remained rubrics. Forgot to add to it.
I like " Holistic way of life", "Optimism", and "Discernment".
Thank you.
Spiritual Rx
Enhances Practice Balances/Counters
Awareness Attention Distraction, stress
Simplicity, pleasure Beauty Clutter, habitual life
Contentment Being present Living in past or future
Caring ComPASSion Judgment, pain
Holistic way of life Connections Separations, dualisms
Self-discipline Devotion Lack of commitment
Energy Enthusiasm Apathy, boredom
Trust Faith Hardened heart, difficulties
Freedom, reconciliation Forgiveness Vengefulness, bitterness
Receptivity, surrender Grace Shame, need for control
Satisfaction Gratitude Greed, entitlement
Optimism Hope Despair, impatience
Tolerance Hospitality Hostility, criticalness
Creativity Imagination Rationalism
Happiness Joy Sadness. Sorrow
Equality, dignity Justice Oppression, fanaticism
Generosity Kindness Selfishness
Discernment Listening Disregard for others
Intimacy Love Fear
Understanding Meaning Cynicism, shallowness
Balance Nurturing Deprivation, codependency
Empathy, flexibility Openness Close-mindedness
Serenity, equanimity Peace Anger, violence, worry
Free-spiritedness Play Earnestness, predictability
Adventure, risk-taking Questing Timidity, certitude
Worth, awe Reverence Wastefulness, ennui
Wholeness Shadow Pollyannaism, projections
Contemplation Silence Chaos
Wisdom Teachers Pride
Healing, growth Transformation Resistance to change
Harmony, solidarity Unity Loneliness, individualism
Idealism Vision Pragmatism
Sensuousness Wonder Indifference
Not knowing Mystery Tidy and logical systems
Fulfillment, ecstasy Yearning Being stuck in status quo
Authenticity You Low self-esteem, grandiosity
PASSionate life Zeal Unlived life
Brussat, F. & M. A. (2000). Spiritual Rx: Prescriptions for living a meaningful life.
Hyperion: New York, NY.


Faith Integration: Optimism
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Faith Integration: Optimism
The Brussats write the book of spiritual literacy back in 1996. They give the 37 spiritual alphabets practice to readers. In their book “Prescriptions for Living a Meaningful Life”, they give the spiritual keys to living a happy and contented life. This book is considered as the hallmark of spiritual living (Brussat & Brussat, 2000). There are 37 spiritual practices but the one which catches my attention is optimism. The reason I choose optimism is that I lack optimism very badly. In almost every situation I lose hope and become highly pessimist. This situation initiates negative thinking which makes the matter worst.

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