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Research And Explain Why Plants Produce Essential Oils (Essay Sample)


Explain why plants produce essential oils, and be sure to include specific examples.

Why plants produce essential oils
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Essential oils are the naturally occurring compounds in plants that give them the distinctive volatile aromatic characteristics. These compounds are in form of small organic molecules that tentatively transform in state from solid or liquid to gaseous form under normal conditions. The term ‘essential’ in plants’ essential oils does not necessarily mean that plants need the oils for their survival. These oils are not produced by all types of plants, and those which do, produce the oils in their leaves, flowers, fruits and stems (Manion, C. R., & Widder, R. M. (2017). Various types of plants produce different kinds of essential oils. These oils are the ones that make a plant to produce the sweet smelling scent like the one we get from the rose flower.
Plants produce essential oils for various purposes like plant pollination, communication, plant-to-plant competition and self defense mechanism. The chemical composition of the plant essential oils keeps on constantly changing to enable the plant to adapt to constantly changing environment both internally and externally. For the defensive part, the plant uses the oils to protect itself from pathogenic organisms such as harmful bacteria and fungi an example is the production of sesquiterpene lactones in feverfew, yarrow, and blessed thistle plants.
Herbivorous mammals that feed on plants can also be deterred from their target plan...
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