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Evidence Based Practice Part C: Research Studies Used As Evidence (Essay Sample)


Write a narrative of 750‐1,000 words (not including the title page and references) that presents the research support for the projects problem and proposed solution. Make sure to do the following:
1.Include a description of the search method (e.g., databases, keywords, criteria for inclusion and exclusion, and number of studies that fit your criteria).
2.Summarize all of the research studies used as evidence. The essential components of each study need to be described so that readers can evaluate its scientific merit, including study strengths and limitations.
3.Incorporate a description of the validity of the internal and external research.
It is essential to make sure that the research support for the proposed solution is sufficient, compelling, relevant, and from peer‐reviewed professional journal articles. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines.


Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Evidence Based Practice Part C
Evidence Based Practice
In order to find necessary and relevant supporting literature materials for this study, the researcher accessed academic journal databases to find the required information to support this study. The following databases were accessed:
* ProQuest
* EBSCOhost
* PubMed
* Google Scholar
* Medline
* Cochrane
Additionally, the researcher used the general internet search engines such as Google to find any relevant information. All of these databases are good sources of scholarly information. However, in order to find the relevant information for the research, the search was further narrowed down by using specific keywords such as breast cancer management, breast cancer, effects of efficient nurse management in breast cancer among others. Considering the inclusion and exclusion criteria to choose the relevant materials, the researcher picked materials that have a connection to the key themes of the proposed study which include breast cancer and breast cancer management. Since there is insufficient resources that have directly addressed the PICOT question –“Is Guided Image Therapy a Good Option for Females with Breast Cancer?” – the chosen articles focuses on the above stated themes.
One of the articles that the researcher chose for this study is written by Akram, Igbal, Daniyal and Khan (2017) entitled “Awareness and current knowledge of breast cancer”. In this article, the authors begin their review by providing the general overview of breast cancer. This enables the reader to grasp the intensity of the matter and why it needs to be addressed. In this review, the authors address the anatomy, risk factors, epidemiology and pathogenesis, stages, diagnostic investigations and treatment such as surgery, gene therapy of breast cancer. In regard to the proposed study, this article proves to be significant since it provides deeper insights into the issue of breast cancer as far as all of its aspects are concerned.
Another article that was selected for this study is written by Garcia-Uribe et al. (2015) entitled “Dual-modality photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging system for noninvasive sentinel lymph node detection in patients with

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