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Evidence base Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Answer the following Questions.
1 Evidence-Based Practice
We utilize evidence-based practice to improve care and outcomes.
Provide an example of how you use Evidence-Based Practice. Be specific and cite activities from the past year. Provide outcome information if applicable.

Answer: I’m a nurse and work at post-surgical unit. The answer should be related to that.
2 Education
We value on-going education and opportunities to learn.
Provide an example of how you practice education. Be specific and cite activities from the past year. Provide outcome information if applicable.
Answer: I took an online education on bariatric surgeries to expand my knowledge and to give my patients best care.

3 Nurses role in teaching patients:
Develop a unit-based patient education material or program Or Partner with an RNII or RNIII to develop patient education materials
Answer: Pt education on early mobilization after surgery.
4 Nurses role in addressing the healthcare needs of a community
Participate in a project to meet the healthcare needs of the community locally or globally • Describe the community • Describe the healthcare needs of this community • Describe the impact your activity has on the healthcare needs of the community
Answer: You can choose what ever you want


Nursing Practice
Student’s Name
Nursing Practice
As a nurse working in a post-surgical unit, I am responsible for surgical wound care to prevent surgical site infections (SSIs). One of the evidence-based practice I have used effectively in the past when it comes to wound care is the aseptic technique. Specifically, I observe hand hygiene before and after dressing a wound and I make sure I use sterile gloves when I have to touch the wound. It is important to wash hands with soap and water before and after removing the old dressing. It is also recommended to use sterile gloves when touching the wound or dressing cannot be avoided. These evidence-based practices can prevent at least 55% of SSIs (Ding, Lin, Marshall, & Gillespie, 2017). As a result of these evidence-based practices, I have seen positive patient outcomes and in most cases, patients do not stay in the hospital longer than expected due to SSIs. Consequently, the patients do not have to incur extra healthcare costs related to an extended hospital stay.

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