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Evaluating Culture From the Nursing Perspective Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


This week, we will examine a case study about smokers in Poland. As noted in the Center for Global Development and Jassem, Przewozniak, & Zatonski (2014), prior to 1989, Poland had the highest rate of smoking in the world, with three-fourths of all men aged 20–60 smoking every day at a rate of 3,500 cigarettes per person per year. It should be noted that 30% of all women smoked every day, as well. This behavior resulted in a life expectancy of about 60 years due to the highest rates of lung cancer in the world and all-time high levels of smoking-related cancers and cardiovascular and respiratory disease.
To prepare for this Discussion, you will be required to read Case 14 by the Center for Global Development and complete readings in Stanhope and Lancaster, then respond to the following questions:
What happened to change the culture of smoking in Poland?
Understanding that we all have bias when discussing health issues and precipitating factors, what social and political factors allowed cigarette smoking to become a part of the Polish culture?
Reflecting on your own practice, how do you overcome cultural bias? Do you find it more difficult to deal with some groups than others? How do people use the cultural information that they learn about others? Do you think this leads to stereotyping? Does cultural knowledge influence or change your practice and interaction with others?
Analyzed the social and political factors that allowed cigarette smoking to become part of the Polish culture
Reflected on own cultural bias in practice. Described one incident where they were biased and steps taken to overcome the bias


In 1980, Poland had the utmost rate of smoking globally. For example, almost three-quarters of the men between the ages of 25 and 60 years smoked daily. However, with time, there was change in the culture of smoking in the country. These changes occurred as a result of significant planning from the concerned stakeholders (Zysiak, Śmiechowski, Piskała, Marzec, Kaźmierska & Burski, 2018). Additionally, different political and social factors played a very important role in influencing the change of smoking culture in the country. Health information and government control on the production of tobacco play a major role. The production of tobacco in Poland was a major source of revenue in the country during that particular period.

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