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Euthanasia (Essay Sample)

Please use minimum of 4 nursing journal plus other sources. include in text citation. i am a Canadian nursing student please write from the Canadian ethics perspective. i will attached guidelines and 2 class note document that will help you with some ethical theories and principles definitions and clarification. source..
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Euthanasia is the practice of purposively ending one’s life if signs of surviving are not apparent. Each country of the world has its own regulations concerning euthanasia. It can be categorised as voluntary, involuntary and non-voluntary. In many incidences, the act is carried out as per the request of the patient but at other times; the patient may even be too sick to make such a decision, hence, the relatives or medics have to decide on the way forward (Fieser, 2011).
The subject of euthanasia has been and continues to attract ethical and moral dilemma. Arguments on whether to legalize or criminalize some forms of euthanasia are rife in many societies. The concept of whether it is justifiable ending one’s life on account of suffering or pain is an issue that needs critical thinking. Although initially the purpose of euthanasia was to ensure that a patient died peacefully, today’s meaning may be taken in another perspective to include evading the pain. The concept of euthanasia has however failed to recognize the spiritual aspect of some people who are in total objection of the same. Medics and the authorities concerned have to re-examine this aspect since there have been cases where patients in critical situations have gone on to survive regardless of the lack of hope by the patients, families and even the physicians themselves. The ethical theories for medical doctors explain values and norms to be adhered to by the medics in various health related issues. In justifying or delineating euthanasia, several people have applied theories that relate to this perspective. Such theories may include but may not be limited to: deontology, Naturalism, Utilitarianism, virtue ethics, feminist and relational ethics.
Naturalism Theory
The theory of naturalism relates that ethics depends upon the nature and psychology: human beings have to follow laws, which...
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