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Ethical Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


1 .What is ethics? Why is it important? What does it mean to be ethically fit? After reviewing the major theories of ethics, with which perspective do you most agree and why? What guides your moral decisions
2. What are the three "right versus right" paradigms? Give a personal example of one of these paradigms.


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In general, the term ethics refers morality of the philosophy and perceptions, it provides the foundation of decision making and thought processing phenomenon of a person (Rothman, 2017). Ethics supports and rejects the behaviours and decisions by marking up them as appropriated and inappropriate ones by measuring up the morality of their infrastructures and possible consequences (Waldron, 2016). Furthermore, it is extremely important to analyse the morality and ethical justifications of the decisions that are made up in every field of life so that best outputs could be obtained without exploiting any social, cultural and moral norm. In addition, it is considered to be extremely important that any decision that is made by an authority should be ethically fit in order to avoid all kinds of negative or unfavorable results or reactions. Here, the term ethically fit means that the planned decisions are made up in accordance to the approved and international implemented ethical theories and ethical schools of thoughts, generally (Rothman, 2017).

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