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Ethical Dilemma in a Pain Management Practice (Essay Sample)


Ethical Dilemma in a Pain Management Practice
A 37-year-old patient, Rob, presents to your pain-management practice for a follow-up visit, and medication refill. He states he wants to talk to you about a situation that he cannot discuss with anyone else. He explains he is in a new job working in a public works sub-contracting company primarily dealing with highway construction and reconstruction through which millions of dollars of federal money flows annually. He explains that it is a great job and he recently obtained health benefits for his family and himself.
The concern is that Rob’s supervisor recently approached him claiming to also suffer from chronic pain and asked Rob if he would share his pain medicine. Rob was shocked but did give the supervisor some of his medication. Rob emphatically states that this is not a pretext for an early refill and that he desires to pick up his refill on the regularly scheduled day. He simply does not know whom to talk to or contact regarding the behavior of his supervisor.
- What are the ethical issues for your practice?
- What are the personal issues for Rob?
- Do you have a responsibility as Medical provider to act on this report?


Ethical Dilemma in Pain Management Practice
Ethical Dilemma in Pain Management Practice
The ethical issues in pain management practice are confidentiality, patient autonomy and informed consent, and adequate physician-patient relationship (Sullivan, 2001). Anything shared between the patient, and the physician should remain confidential and should not be shared with a third party without the patient’s consent. Patient autonomy requires the patient to make decisions about their medical care without influence from the doctor. The ethical issue regarding informed consents means that any patient’s information shared with a third party must be with permission from the client. Inpatient management, there should be a good rapport between the doctor and the patient.
Rob is personally concerned with his supervisor’s behavior of requesting him to share his pain medicine. Although Rob was shocke

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