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Management and Leadership - Empowering Leaders and Managers (Essay Sample)


Here is the rubric to follow. please follow the rubric
1) Fully compares
and contrasts
leader roles and
2)Fully applies one
specific leadership
style that a nurse
can use to manage
a workplace
initiative that
reflects a current
healthcare priority
3)Fully discusses the
strategies an
organization can
use to empower
leaders and
managers and
guide him/her to
become a


Nursing Management and Leadership
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Nursing Management and Leadership
Competence in leadership and management in nursing practice plays a significant role in facilitating patient care. Nurses have to involve leadership and management strategies in dealing with patients to ensure patient safety, make care decisions, and establish a plan of care that includes both patients and their families. While both leadership and management contribute to the betterment of patient care, the two terms differ in several ways. Nurses have to utilize both the two traits in different circumstances for the welfare of their patients. The ability of a nurse to interchange between the various leadership and management traits depends on the support from the parent organization. Empowered nurses can make more crucial decisions that may save lives and improve their patients' health outcomes. 

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