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Significance of Evidence Dissemination Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


1. Why is it important to disseminate evidence in nursing practice? What does it accomplish for the profession? 3 references
2. Give an example of dissemination of evidence to influence health policy. Provide the Web address and analyze the evidence presented. 3 references


Elaborate Dissemination of Evidence
Institutional Affiliation
Elaborate Dissemination of Evidence
Significance of Evidence Dissemination
As far as modern medicine and nursing practices are concerned, the use of evidence-based practice techniques and approaches is instrumental. This is because in recent years, the significance of evidence-based practice and its contributions towards the improvement of nursing as a field is immeasurable (Brownson, 2011). The dissemination of evidence refers to the spread of knowledge and information accumulated through evidence-based research to healthcare professionals with the aim of ensuring that said professionals are also aware of the most recent information on nursing as a practice.
It is highly critical that the dissemination of evidence is treated with great seriousness because it is the predominant avenue through which nursing as a field progresses and improves in terms of care and service delivery to patients (Dang, Dearholt, Sigma Theta Tau International., & Johns Hopkins University, 2018). Through the dissemination of said evidence, the nursing field is able to improve the cost-effectiveness of healthcare, increase the quality of care delivered to patients, and also guarantee that the field remains at par with industry best practices and standards as elaborated through evidence (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). This plays a significant role in ensuring that nursing practitioners can remain abreast with the best practices in the field at all times.
This dissemination of evidence is quintessential to the success of nursing as a field and healthcare in general. This is mainly because the appropriate and timely dissemination of evidence serves to guarantee that nurses and other healthcare professionals in the nursing field can continually improve their skills in the delivery of care to patients (Roe & Webb, 2008). At the same time, it ensures that the nursing field is also moving forward in line with other healthcare fields to guarantee the provision of holistic and high-qua

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