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The Significance of Continuing Education for Registered Nurses (Essay Sample)


In order to evaluate an evidence-based practice project, it is important to be able to determine the effectiveness of your change. Discuss one way you will be able to evaluate whether your project made a difference in practice.


Effectiveness of Change
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Effectiveness of Change
1.0. Introduction
The main theme of this research is “The Significance of Continuing Education for Registered Nurses”. It demonstrates an emphasis on the continuing education program for registered nurses and its success in nursing care. This paper aims to determine the effectiveness of the continuing education program for registered nurses for their current practice in the health care setting.
2.0. Discussion
In order to improve the nursing practice as well as patients’ health outcomes, the continuing nurses’ educational programs and the implementation of recent knowledge into the health care practices have been explicitly demanded as an essential means for improving patient care services in the recent health environment. It is necessary to continue scientific and applied research on topical issues of nursing, conducting scientific and practical conferences, active participation of nursing specialists of different levels in scientific and practical conferences, international projects, competitions, and grants (Smolowitz et al., 2015). There should be an evaluation for the development of scientifically based educational standards of postgraduate training in specialities, training programs, and test materials of the final state certification.
The provision of educational services is crucial to nursing staff. However, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the continuing nurse education is not limited to the positive patient health outcomes and significant behavioral change. Rather, it involves the entire health care system from the use of evidence-based practice to the care delivery to a patient (Wellings, Gendek, & Gallagher, 2017). Considering the evaluation in this continuing

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