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EBP Project Significance (Essay Sample)


Not all EBP projects result in statistically significant results. Define clinical significance, and explain the difference between clinical and statistical significance. How can you use clinical significance to support positive outcomes in your project?


EBP Project Significance
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EBP Project Significance
1.0. Introduction
The evidence-based practice is an actively developing area of the health care field. The emergence of evidence-based nursing practice is largely due to the concept of evidence-based medicine. The rationale for this paper is to demonstrate and differentiate the clinical and statistical significance, and the way clinical significance can be used to support positive research outcomes. The projects that involve Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) are considered as statistically significant. However, there is a possibility that the results obtained from EBP projects may not be statistically significant.
2.0. Discussion
In nursing researches, the results that are statistically significant considered as clinically important, whereas the statistical significance affirms the reliability of research results. In other words, the clinical significance imitates its influence on clinical practice. The evidence-based nursing practice involves decisions making based on an individual experience combined with the best available clinical evidence from other specialists. The research is necessary for the clinical activities of each nurse, as there is a close relationship between evidence-based practice and nursing research.
The recent advancements in the nursing researches have now become the main lever of change in nursing practice, solving its problems and increasing the amount of knowledge (Mackey & Bassendowski, 2017). The evidence is the results of clinical studies, they are necessary for an objective assessment of the situation and effective decision-making in the care of patients. However, at the same time

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