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Different Types of Screening Assessment Tool (Essay Sample)


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Summit 5 annotated bibliographies of literature peer- review nursing from 2010-2015 on the justification,(why the nurses need to comply with the tool) importance, and the benefits of the different types of screening assessment tool (at least 3 tools) for delirium in the ICU.
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Importance and the benefits of developing and the different types of screening assessment tool for delirium and in the ICU.
Harroche, J., St-Louis, L., & Gagnon, M. (2014). “The detection of delirium in the ICU: An important aspect of care.” Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 4 (9), 135.
The journal discusses how delirium is under-recognized by health care providers yet is a common occurrence in ICU patients. The article emphasizes on using delirium screening tool to efficiently and promptly recognize patients suffering from delirium and provide quick interventions .educational activities has also proven to be essential because it helps health care providers be able to identify and treat delirium . The article highlight one of the innovative project implantation known as Richmond Agitation –Sedation Scale (RASS) and Confusion Assessment Method for the ICU (CAM-ICU) as one of the tools that can help in identifying and treating delirium. Richmond Agitation –Sedation Scale (RASS) measures agitation or sedation level of patients. It can further help detect under sedation or an over-sedation. The confusion assessment method is one of the widely used instrument for diagnosing delirium by non- psychiatrist clinicians. The CAM-ICU is a constructed tool used for assessing delirium containing you or no questions that can be used for patients who cannot speak .t is appropriate for older adults admitted to the ICU .it helps in promptly identifying any potential delirium and mitigate any negative outcomes. In the article, a total of 80 nurses were trained in the two methods at the Canadian university teaching hospital. The training consisted of 45 minutes teaching session using the two different tools .followed by a six week follow –ups. As a result, delirium stated being addressed during the daily medical rounds. Early detection of delirium using specific tools leads to prompt treatment reducing the negative impact and also improving quality care for ICU patients.
Sarutzki-Tucker, A. & Rhea ,F. (2014). “Beware of Delirium.” The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 10(8), 575-581.
The author of the article examines the results of a study conducted in a 16 bed medical, surgical intensive unit .the study covered a total of 820 patients admitted to ICU for more than 24 hours. The study used several tools to assess the delirium incidences in relation to the increased risk of mortality. The intensive care delirium screening checklist, Richmond Agitation and Sedation scale for sedation and numerical rating scale for pain are some of the tools used. The study evaluated the risk factors for univariate and multivariate analysis to determine factors influencing mortality .delirium checklist contains eight items based on DSM criteria and features of delirium .these includes altered levels of consciousness, hallucinations and delusion, psychomotor agitation ,disorientation in patients ,retard...
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