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Homework: Differences Between Homeostasis Set Point Theory (Essay Sample)


Read the following:
•    Kessler text: Introduction and Chapters 1 through 6
•    Module Notes: The Beginning of the Obesity Epidemic
Now watch any video clips in reference to the following:
Homeostasis Nutrition and Obesity
The Brain and Food (Secrets of Your Mind)
Now write a 500 word paper to address the questions below. You are required to cite your sources in the body of your text properly, include a reference page, and use APA style.
1.    Define and explain all three of the following concepts: homeostasis, "set point theory,” and settling point theory.
2.    Explain the similarities between homeostasis and "set point theory.” Explain any differences between homeostasis and "set point theory.”
3.    Explain how settling point theory is different from both homeostasis and "set point theory.” Why did scientists believe that these factors or mechanisms controlled the body weight of adults in the past?


Obesity Concepts
Obesity Concepts
Living organisms, tend to live in environments that are variable. This means that they have keep adjusting to match the standards within which they can operate optimally. Homeostasis is a concept that relates to the ability of an organism to maintain a stable internal environment, even when the external environment changes (Kessler, n.d.). This means that the body of the organism will adjust the internal aspects such as the temperature, blood pressure, respiration, the pH levels of the internal fluids within the cells, the concentration of the various

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