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Difference between Medicare and Medicaid (Essay Sample)


You need to write an essay about "Difference between Medicare and Medicaid"


Medicare and Medicaid
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Difference between Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare and Medicaid are two government-run programs that are entirely different from one another and have been around since 1965. The purpose of these programs is to help low-income and older citizens of the United States purchase health insurance. Medicare and Medicaid were part of Lyndon Johnson's campaign titled Great Society, who wanted to fulfill the economic, healthcare, individual and social needs of the people. Medicare and Medicaid allow Americans to get rid of their financial burden to an extent and are funded by different governmental bodies and NGOs. Medicare is primarily available to permanent U.S. residents who are age 60 or above (Segal, Rollins, Hodges, & Roozeboom, 2014).
In some circumstances, younger people can also qualify for financial aid, but they would have to prove that they had received two consecutive years of Social Security disability benefits. As of March 2018, over 50 million Medicare enrollees in the United States received financial aid in just a couple of months. On the other hand, Medicaid is funded by both federal and state governments and intends to help low-income families and individuals. It covers their custodial care expenses and medical costs. Rules and regulations of this program vary from state to state, but on the basic level, Medicaid offers better benefits than Medicare such as routine checkup facilities and vision and dental services (Grabowski, 2007).
How has Medicare evolved to accommodate the changing needs of society?
The Medicare system was launched over 40 years ago. With the passage of time, this program has evolved to fulfill the changing

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