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Diagnostic Assessment Practice (Essay Sample)


Reflect on current assessment practices for evaluating student learning in an educational or work-based health care setting.
Find three current research articles published in the last five years regarding health care assessment practices. These could be conducted in an educational or work-based health care setting.
Analyze the suggestions made in the articles regarding assessing students in a professional or classroom health care setting. What recommendations do you make regarding student assessment in a health care setting based on your analysis of the research articles? 
Include in your review who must evaluate the students and health care professionals outside of the classroom. What role do adult learners take in the evaluation process? 
Write a 1,050- to 1,300-word paper. 
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Assessment Practices
Practical or clinical learning is important for students that aspire in the healthcare sector because it forms a critical part of their registration. Students in a healthcare setting are normally expected to meet various learning outcomes and this therefore makes assessment to be mandatory. A student in a clinical learning environment is always under supervision since work based learning is meant to help them acquire the necessary practical skills required for their profession. This article offers an analysis of the various suggestions for assessing students in a healthcare setting and provide recommendations regarding student assessment based on the analysis.
Student Assessment Practices
Diagnostic assessment Practice
This practice is normally conducted at the beginning of a student's placement and it involves assessing the difficulties facing individual students as well as assessment of experiences, interests, abilities and skills (Burgess & Mellis, 2015). Both formal and informal measurements are used to determine the abilities of a student. Examples of informal modes of measurement include questioning, discussions and observation while formal measurements may involve some theoretical and practical tests. This practice is in most cases used to evaluate teaching methods and for planning purposes. Diagnostic assessment is normally conducted after induction and initial meetings involving the supervisor, mentor and the student (Zasadny & Bull, 2015). Formulation of action plans and learning contracts in a healthcare setting also takes place before diagnostic assessment.
Formative Assessment Practice
Formative assessment is a student assessment practice that involves building accumulative records of what the student achieves during their daily learning experiences. Teachers or supervisors can extend or modify programs based on this assessment. According to Zasadny and Bull (2015), informal observations are made by supervisors throughout the student's time in a healthcare setting. There are different criteria of interpersonal skills or cluster skills that students are supposed to achieve in the course of their placement and therefore the formative assessment practice provides students with a perfect opportunity to explore these skills. In the course of the assessment, the sup...
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