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Social Determinants of health. Health, Medicine & Nurcing Essay (Essay Sample)


The Essay should be 3 PAGES ONLY based on the 2 documents that will be attached and answering the following questions. As well As Adding Relative information from Dennis Raphael Text Book only Third Edition
Prepare an essay that addresses the following questions:
• What were the initial reactions to each of the articles? Did you feel positive, negative or
neutral towards their content? How so?
• What might be the value in using the kind of language used in the first article to address
issues of premature death and excess illness by certain Canadians?
• What might be the drawbacks?
• What might be some of the ideas or emotions that would spur Canadians to accept the
importance of the social determinants of health and the public policies that shape them?
• If you were to try and convince someone of the importance of these issues, how would you
go about it?


Social determinants of health
In his 1845 book, “The condition of the working class in England,” Friedrich Engels likened the effects of poor working conditions to actual manslaughter because such effects usually lead to premature death. Article 1 uses a tough tone to address how Ford’s government promotes social determinants of death by cancelling the minimum-wage increase and reducing social assistance increases. However, article 2 refutes article’s 1 claims and indicates that it is not proven if the lack to increase the minimum wage will increase poverty in Ontario.
Reactions to both articles and impact of article 1

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