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Research Assignment: Describing Each Position In Softball (Essay Sample)


For this assignment you will write a paper describing each position in softball. Talk about the position, where the player would be on the field. The strengths of that each player and what they should have for that position (quickness, speed, strength, etc..). Finally, give an example of a player for each position. This can be from softball or baseball. Use resources to find a player who is in the college level or professional.
This assignment will be single-spaced and must be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 3 pages. When reference, use APA format.



Softball is a game played between two teams comprised of ten players on each side. The game is played using a bat and a ball on a small field. The various positions held by the players are:
Pitcher. This is the player whose primary function is throwing the softball to the catcher. He or she is situated on the pitcher’s mound. The pitcher must ensure that neither foot is not on the rubber. This is usually after the ball is hit. The pitcher should make sure that they use the underarm motion to throw the ball across a strike zone. Pitchers should be of a taller height with both strength and body agility.
Catcher. He or she is stationed behind the home plate. His principal functions are to receive the balls that the pitcher throws to him. He also must catch balls thrown to him by a third base. He calls out the pitches and strikes to home players.
First baseman. He is stationed at the right side of the pitcher. He prevents scores from other teams by catching throws in the first ba...
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