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Demanding Healthcare Environments (Essay Sample)


Many forces are at play today in healthcare settings that healthcare professionals and administrators should be cognizant of and consider when designing plans for the future direction of healthcare delivery and reform. Some of these contributing factors include political, regulatory, staffing, insurance and reimbursement, socio-economic, and long-term care influences. However, there are still additional factors to be considered. What special interest groups are pushing for legislation and policy specific to their needs? How will the face of healthcare change as the Baby Boomer generation retires and other generations assume the responsibilities for our fast-paced, demanding healthcare environments?


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Introduction: The heath care sector is the Backbone of any nation in which if taken lightly a whole Nation could be brought down to its knees by negligence of this sector. Over the past decades, there has been overwhelming factors that have influenced the Healthcare environment thus affecting the overall industry.
In the year 1946-1964 there was in increase in child birth in the Nation of America. During this period, many hospitals had to adjust to the rising number of patients and tried their best to cope with the service delivery to their patients hence the term baby boomers. An estimated total of 20% of the US population is 65 years and above this is an increase compared to 13% of the population during the era of the 40s and the 60s thanks to this generation.
The effect of this generation is th...
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