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Delivery of Health Care: Systems and Quality (Essay Sample)


Debate the efficacies of public versus private-based quality initiatives. What roles do each play in the quality of U.S. health care? How would the elimination of one aspect affect the other?


Delivery of Health Care: Systems and Quality in the U.S
Course title
Delivery of Health Care: Systems and Quality in the U. S
The healthcare system in the U.S is not uniform, rather it is a hybrid system as seen in 2014 when the funding for the healthcare came from the private funds that accounted for 48%, households accounted for 28% and 20% emerging from the private businesses, 28% came from the federal government and finally, the remaining 17% was financed by the local governments (, 2016). As it pertains to public healthcare initiatives, every American, beginning January 2014 was expected to start getting some form of medical cover that could be acquired personally, from the employer or the government plan such as Medicare for the old or Medicaid for the poor. The aging population of America is rising steadily with the baby-boomers approaching their 65th year of age (Shi, & Singh, 2012). With the new Affordable Care Act 2010, many p...
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