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delegation srategy (Essay Sample)

Australian English please If applicable For writer #13 – Ernie or #115 – Sarah source..
Running head: DELEGATION STRATEGY Delegation Strategy: Scenario-Based Critical Discussion (Student`s Name) (Course Code/Number) (Name of Professor) (Date of Submission) Delegation Strategy: Scenario-Based Critical Discussion Introduction Nurses are most commonly viewed by the larger public as providers of care. However, with the expansion of the role of the nurse, people are hardly aware that nurses now fulfil functions that are outside the "normal" or "usual" tasks nurses are labelled with CITATION Kum11 \l 1033 (Kumar & McKewan, 2011). One of these expanded roles of the nurse involves being a manager not only of the patient`s care but also of co-workers and other healthcare professionals CITATION Mat02 \l 1033 (Mathena, 2002). In being a manager, the nurse is then responsible for the delegation of tasks and case load to other workers, as well as the supervision of the other members of the health care team CITATION Aro97 \l 1033 (Aroian, et al., 1997). Nevertheless, even these expanded roles are regulated by certain standards across the globe, in order to ascertain the protection of the safety of the public. In Australia, delegation and supervision are guided by the ANMC`s (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council) National Framework for the Development of Decision-Making Tools for Nursing and Midwifery Practice (2007). In relation, this presentation will attempt to use the principles given by the said framework in the critical discussion of case scenario involving delegation and supervision. An overview of the mentioned case will be given below. Case Overview The scenario under discussion involves Greg, a GRN assigned at the Emergency Department (ED). Although his previous experience with an ED was pleasant (small ED but there was adequate communication and support from the staff), Greg is now working with unapproachable and irritable nurses in a busy and large ED. As a result, Greg feels that the large number of patients, as well as unfamiliar and unapproachable staff can hinder him from providing quality care, since he may be forced to perform outside the scope of his practice, and he has little to no support available. With this scenario, the critical discussion will then involve the development of strategies that can be utilized by Greg, in order to be able to effectively and justly delegate some medication administration responsibilities to an EEN in the department. In the discussion, patient-centred care, accountability, and critical must be used as the main focal points. The said critical discussion will then be given in the next part of the presentation. Critical Discussion One of the most vital things the graduate registered nurse (GRN), Greg, must look into is the degree of the scope of his responsibilities as a manager of other nurses CITATION McC10 \l 1033 (McCallin & Frankson, 2010). Under the mentioned Framework of the ANMC (2007), the nurse can delegate duties and supervise other nurses lower than him in terms of rank and position. However, in here comes another vital question for the nurse: "What is delegation?; In the most basic sense, delegation can be defined as the transfer or appointment of responsibility to another person with the aim of achieving a common goal at a faster or better r...
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