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Describe Culture Competence - Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


A middle school student comes to your health office complaining of left ear pain. The child states that he has had the pain for over a week and has started taking antibiotics. The student now has developed a rash as well. You notified mom of the continued pain and rash. Mother states she does not believe in antibiotics and will stop treatment. She states she will use garlic oil drops instead to treat the problem like they do in her country. Using your understanding of cultural competence and cultural care theory, how would you handle this situation with the mother and student?


Cultural Competence
Cultural Competence
The first step is to gather enough information about the culture that the students comes from. This is crucial as one needs to make sure that understand the various cultural believes and how they impact the people's practices on a daily basis (Stuart, 2016). This is with close reference to the level of importance of the same. Understanding the cultural significance of the practice such as treating ailments and health conditions using natural remedies as opposed to modern medicine such as antibiotics is crucial.
Secondly, it is important to talk to the parent and show them that their cultural practices have subtle meaning. Ideally, this works to show the other party that, their cultural practices and beliefs are respected. (Responsive Classroom, 2006) This is a crucial part of cultural competenc...
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