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BHS 414 SLP4: Cultural Empowerment and Nursing (Essay Sample)


For this final segment of the SLP, review the article "Development of a Theory-Based (PEN-3 and Health Belief Model), Culturally Relevant Intervention on Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Latina Immigrants Using Intervention Mapping." Consider this article and everything you have learned throughout the SLP and write a paper that addresses the following:
1. Explain how you would approach a health education program for the cultural group you have written about for your SLP. Support your choices with scholarly references. You should be able to use the information you found in researching your previous SLP papers.
o Would your program be for the person, extended family, or neighborhood?
o What positive perceptions, enablers, and nurturers would you want to reinforce? What negative ones would you want to try to overcome?
o What positive aspects of cultural empowerment would you want to reinforce? What negative ones would you want to try to overcome? What existential ones would you acknowledge but not try to change?
2. What challenges do you foresee in trying to plan and implement health education programs for this cultural group?
Length: 3 pages (excluding the cover page and the reference list).


Cultural Empowerment and Nursing
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January 7, 2021
Understanding the importance between healthcare provision and cultural competence is important for any nurse practitioner. It allows him to have a better understanding about how to provide a holistic treatment that focuses, not only on the patient’s physical health, but also his well-being, culture, and beliefs, among others. Accordingly, this article focuses on the provision of health for Hispanic children who are suffering from diabetes type II. As discussed in the previous articles, Hispanics have a higher tendency to be overweight as compared to non-Hispanics. This is more particularly true for their children who have higher tendencies to consume a lot of sugar as compared to children from other ethnicities. Thus, in this article, the author would like to focus on how to provide a Health Education Program (HEP) for such children. All in all, it is the author’s belief that it is crucial to tailor fit these HEPs to ensure both short- and long-term changes in the children’s lifestyle.
Creation of a Health Education Program
In order to create the health education program, it would be best to narrow its focus and emphasize the importance of collective change. The reason why the focus should be narrowed within the community is because of the fact that immigrant Hispanic families tend to develop strong social ties with other Hispanics CITATION Mur20 \l 1033 (Murillo, et al., 2020). Accordingly, since changing the children’s habits would require substantial amount of effort from the parents themselves, then using these strong social ties should help improve its effectivity, especially when done by other members of their community.
Specifically, the author believes that it would be best to direct these changes in positive perceptions, initially towards the mothers, and subsequently to the children themselves. This is in line with the Hispanic families usually follow traditional gender roles wherein the fathers provide for their household, while the mothers prepare the food and educates their children CITATION Miv17 \l 1033 (Miville, Mendez, & Louie, 2017). By changing the mother’s attit

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