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Cross Culture Special Ed Case: Referral to SST or IEP (Essay Sample)


Use attached file for the case study. Z.H is the special ed student for this case study. Guidelines for writing up Cultural Differences/Special Ed. Case Study: The database for your case study should be in-depth and complete, but succinct. It is quality of information shared, not quantity that is important. The following areas are intended as a guide. You may skip over items that do not apply. The case study is to be written in APA format, with a title page and each section should have an appropriate heading. There is a suggested page length for the different areas that will vary with each case study. 1. Begin with an opening paragraph relating reasons why the subject of your case study was referred to either the SST or IEP team for evaluation/assessment. 2. Discuss findings based on observations/interviews. 3. Discuss observations/information obtained from parent/guardian during home visit. a. Family/Cultural Assessment: Cultural background/lineage; family patterns; interaction within the family and with community, i.e., coping skills/stress management/discipline; social support; education/socioeconomic level; cultural patterns/beliefs with regard to roles, health/illness, self-care, dietary habits. Relate cultural family issues to research related to general aspects of that particular cultural background and incorporate a relevant cultural theory. b. Health and Developmental History: Pregnancy history; siblings and any health issues; child‘s developmental history; family history of illness/LH/ADD; child‘s medical history (current meds, past illness / accidents); and social/interactive patterns (play, friends, classroom/home behavior); family perception of problem, Discuss findings of other health professionals and school site team members: (1p.) a. Reports from MD, speech therapist, OT, PT, testing by school psychologist on patterns of school performance, etc; b. Briefly summarize each report in one paragraph or less. 5. Discuss in depth health assessment/Nursing Process: (2p.) a. Address assessment indicators in no. 5 above; b. Incorporate research findings relevant to medical diagnosis; c. Determine a Nursing Diagnosis based on assessment data; d. Develop a Nursing Plan, nursing actions/interventions to share with team at meeting, IHP, etc. e. Implementation/Evaluation, indicate how plan will be implemented and evaluated. f. Incorporate Neuman‟s Systems Model related to nursing interventions; g. Use standardized language related to nursing diagnosis in write up (See NASN, Using nursing languages in school nursing practice); h. Scan or summarize school nurse written report for SST or IEP team. 6. Briefly describe the IEP legal process and timelines for signatures and meetings. (0.5p.) 7. Describe the SST / IEP experience, the meeting, your participation. Describe the SST / IEP experience, the meeting, your participation: (1p.) a. Your role and thoughts regarding the process; b. What you did well and/or areas of weakness; c. How were you perceived as a member of the team; d. Family member‘s role and comfort with process, response to you


Cross Culture Special Ed Case Study
Referral to SST or IEP
Z.H was referred to the SSP/IEP as she suffered multiple disabilities since her birth, and previous scans had shown she had delayed brain development. Complications related to premature birth affected the child’s function, and she uses a wheel chair and is increasingly using a walker to aid in her mobility. The child had delayed speech development, as she can understand few commands compared to children her age. At the moment, she receives speech therapy to improve her language skills to improve her communication and improve her social functioning.
Findings based on observations/interviews
Z.H. was found to have delayed development as evidenced by speech and language use, and this affected her ability to communicate. There was also visual impairment, and this required use of glasses. The cognition impairment was related to cerebral palsy as the child was born prematurely. Since the child required G-tube feedings this may affect nutritional status and was likely to affect her overall health and wellbeing (Blumenstein, Shastri, & Stein, 2014). Additionally, there is a need to offer more mobility support, as she has lagged behind her peers even as it is necessary to improve physical and cognitive development.
Observations/information during home visit
The mother took care of the child to provide proper nutrition and encouraging the child to talk. The parents talked in English at home, with the mother working in the hospitality industry, while the father worked in the construction industry. However, there was concern that the child could not cope outside the home environment when there were no sensory toys or appropriate equipment. The mother further stated that the child could not perform basic toilet functions, but she was able to signal each time her diapers were wet. Even as there was delayed development the child did verbalize with the mother, but was also deeply absorbed when playing that there was no interruption from the mother. Even as there was no labored hearing there was a need for specialized medical care to meet the child’s health needs. Despite having multiple disabilities Z.H. has improved her mobility as she could roll over, and trough verbalization it was possible to understanding how she communicated.
Findings of other health professionals and school site team members
The occupational and physical therapy assessments are incomplete, but they have both been contacted and briefed about the child’s health history. Since Z.H cannot sit without support and has limited mobility efforts have been made to ensure that she can use the walker in therapy to improve mobility and promote physical function. On the other hand, efforts are still being made to plan care needs intervention with the speech therapist, but initial assessment show that the child cries, whines or grabs objects when attempting to communicate. The child also can mention few words, and can manage 2-3 commands at a time.
Health assessment/Nursing Process
The health assessment highlighted the need for more in depth analysis of the child’s healthy status. It was noted that the G-tube feedings were to be evaluated since this would improve her nutritional status (Blumenstein, Shastri, & Stein, 2014). Facilitating the weight maintenance was a top priority to ensure growth and development. In updating the health history, the various health indicators are considered form the past medical history to the current assessment.
The child takes Mirilax a laxative solution that stimulates bowel movements and treats occasional constipation. At the same time, Albuteral was used to relax the muscle airways and this increased air flow. The complications are associated with premature birth, but they are manag...
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