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Critical Appraisal Of Systemic Review Of Chosen Question (Essay Sample)


Including critical appraisal of methodology, critical appraisal of results according to specific criteria for evidence type, discussion of relevant article regarding its findings,your original question,overall demonstration of understanding about theoretical concepts.
Gap analysis,barrier analysis,reference to change theory.Examples of implementation and evidence of presenting skills.


Critical Appraisal of Systemic Review
Critical appraisal of systemic review
Staff influence patient outcomes, however, some of these outcomes are unmeasured, and the main question is "to what extent can staff influence patient health outcomes." Several theories have been developed to understand the link between nursing profession, the work setting and patient outcomes (Cowlin et al., 2013). A system based theory helps in understanding the nature of the emergency department and how certain changes need to be implemented to promote quality care that is measurable. Working in the emergency department requires high levels of coordination of care, patient display several complications that need to be sorted out immediately. Nurses and physician continuous modify care as time unfolds (Press et al., 2015).
Patients who visit emergency departments are delicate, they may experience severe pain, but suddenly develop respiratory distress, hence the need to prioritize treatment causing problems within the whole care system. Poor coordination, affects patient diagnosis and health outcomes. Complexity experienced within the emergency department is mostly timely communication to enable nurses to make timely decisions Press et al., 2015).
According to Meyer et al. (2014), open system theory is applicable change theory whereby labor is divided within subsystem to accomplish specific tasks. For Meyer et al. (2014) the foundation of service is the division of labor determines the workflow within the subsystems. He further recommends the need for management to provide supportive system. Effective communication requires accurate, timely information and open channels of communication (Meyer et al., 2014).
A collaborative approach to care enables staff to develop open communication and improve staff performance. By improving patient care within emergency, unit needs commitment from both staffs and management to identify their shortcoming to improve their work process (Meyer et al., 2014). Positive work relationship among staff means maintaining ethnical behavior in managing patient health and improving patient health and improves quality care hence the article answers the question to what extent can staff influence patient health outcome.
Cowling, T. E., Cecil, E. V., Soljak, M. A., Lee, J. T., Millett, C., Majeed, A., & Harris, M. J. (2013). Access to primary care and visits to emergency departments in England: a cross-sectional, population-based study. PloS one, 8(6), e66699.
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