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Vulnerable Populations Letter Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


You have noticed an increase in the number of people who come to the clinic from the country you identified in the low income countries list. You will write a letter to your staff educating them about this country and their vulnerable populations to better serve these people.
Address the following in your letter:
Who are the vulnerable populations in this country?
Discuss why they are considered a vulnerable population.
Assess if culture play a role for these vulnerable populations in terms of health behavior, and how those behaviors impact their overall health.
Determine the challenges that impede the improvement of health for these populations.
Do the main causes of death for the vulnerable populations connect to these challenges and behaviors? Why or why not?
How does this impact the clinic and staff when working with these populations?
What does the staff need to be aware of when working with these populations?
Your letter should be 2–3 pages in length, using a minimum of 2-3 scholarly sources.
Use current APA formatting for writing a letter and cite your sources appropriately.
(The country I choose is HAITI)


Malnutrition in Haiti
Malnutrition in Haiti
Children are the most vulnerable populations to health issues in Haiti. The prevalence of malnutrition in Haiti has increased as evidenced by their overflowing numbers of the affected children to the clinics, proving that the population lacks desirable health conditions. This issue is getting out of control and many children are suffering from the critical conditions of malnutrition. Having a high prevalence in the rural areas does not make the situation better since the country is leading in the burden of childhood malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere (Orrico, Zelasko, Polsinelli, & Aswani, 2019). This burden has outgrown to both acute and chronic malnutrition and the parents trust that organizations with reliable teams and the opportunity to create solutions like us should work on minimizing to finally eradicate malnutrition from the country and save the children the agony of dealing with painful situations and parents their loss after death from the ignored situation.

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