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Conceptual and Theoretical Models Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose a theoretical premise in healthcare delivery. Develop a conceptual model with words and graphics. You may choose a premise that has a conceptual model but you MUST revise the model both in words and graphics.
At least three scholarly sources. Thank you!


Conceptual and Theoretical Models
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King's Theory of Goal Attainment in Nursing Practice
Imogene King initiated the theory around the 1960s to describe the dynamics and interpersonal environment and relationship in which clients develop to achieve particular goals. The theory addresses the relationship between the medical providers, their patients, and how it affects their life goals (McQueen, Cockroft & Mullins, 2017). The theory also expounds on several factors such as stress, time, space, and individual roles can affect the attainment of medical objectives.
The model comprises three systems, personal, social, and interpersonal systems that interact to bring the desired goal. The concept of a personal system incorporates perception, time, body image, space, development, self, and growth. On the other hand, the interpersonal design includes interaction, communication, stress, roles, and transaction. The social system incorporates the concepts of authority, status, power, decision making, and status. The theory proposes that if the perceptual collaboration accuracy dominates between the healthcare provider and the patient, then the goal of patient treatment and wellness will be achieved (Adib-Hajbaghery & Tahmouresi, 2018). If the medical provider is culturally competent, has excellent communication skills, and establishes a perfect nurse-client relationship, mutual goal-setting, and eventual achievement will occur.

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