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Windshield Survey of Contra Costa Community (Essay Sample)

Hi! this semester I'm taking Community Health. This assignment is a community survey I wil attach two different document, 1 is the guidline and the other one is a sample paper. All the details will be there source..
Windshield Survey of Contra Costa Community
Course title:

Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County is basically a suburban county located in San Francisco in the state of California, U.S. During the 2010 census, the population of this county was recorded as 1,049,025. The counties’ capital is located at Martinez. The 2010 census indicated that the county has 2,077.6 km2 or 802.15 square miles. Of this, 719.95 square miles constitutes land while 82.20 square miles consists of water (US, Census, (2010). West and south parts of the county are surrounded by HYPERLINK ",_California" \o "Alameda County, California"Alameda County; HYPERLINK "" \o "San Pablo Bay"San Pablo Bay on North, San Fransisco, and Marin on Northwest and finally San Joakim County on the East.
The physical geography of this county is dominated by the alluvial plain on the bayside, Berkely Hills, Oakland Hills, mount Diablo, several inland valleys and another isolated peak at the end of the Diablo hills. The peak of mount Diablo happens to be the basis of Mount Diablo baseline and Meridian where the survey of western Nevada and California are based. The HYPERLINK "" \o "Hayward Fault Zone"Hayward Fault Zone passes through the western part of the county, from Richmond to Kensington. The HYPERLINK "" \o "Calaveras Fault"Calaveras Fault, on the other hand, runs in the southern central part of the same county from San Ramon to Alamo. Apparently, the HYPERLINK "" \o "Concord Fault (page does not exist)"Concord Fault passes through Pacheco and Concord and also the HYPERLINK "" \o "Clayton-Marsh Creek-Greenville Fault"Clayton-Marsh Fault passes through Clayton in its north end to Livermore. The earthquake faults that appear slip strike, as well as the Diablo thrust fault, near Danville are considered capable of being destructive at any moment. There are also many other smaller faults in places with important infrastructure such as water areas, oil and gas pipelines, highways, roads, railroads and the BART Rail ways.
The County harbors among the main corporate headquarters, such as The PMI Group Inc., Chevron, Nevada, Bio-Rad and AAA’s Nor...
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