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Community assessment and consultation (Essay Sample)

1) These are the guide lines for the essay and we have to strictly adhere to them. 2) See the under listed point for a brief idea of the community for my practical because the professor really wants the paper to be strictly on the community: a) The community is a middle school from grade 6-8. b) My focus group is grade 7. c) This community consists of immigrant, identified from the windshield survey and introduction from my preceptor. d) Larger population of single parent, always busy working most of them doesn't even have time to monitor the kids. I t was even observed during winter that most of this children are not dressing warm enough for the weather. Assignment Guidelines: -This paper will be 8-10 pages in length; double-spaced using APA format 5th ed. -A minimum of 6 – 8 scholarly resources from your course readings will be used throughout the assessment. -Use Chapter 11 in Stamler & Yiu (2008) and this course kit's framework (described below) to structure your assignment. -Students will work in their practicum team for this assignment but will write and submit individual papers. -Community consultation/assessment is a combination of studies and stories Therefore, inclusion of client perceptions/stories along with statistical data related to your community aggregate are requirements of this assignment. -This assignment will provide background information and will help you prepare for the development of your health promotion initiative. Therefore, you are advised to read the guidelines for Assignment III as you prepare for this assignment. What is community? Identify the specific community that you have accessed Who makes up this community? What makes this a community? Why have you chosen this community for your assessment? What is this community's history? THE PROCESS OF CONSULTING WITH THE COMMUNITY 1-WHAT METHOD OF APPROACHES HAVE YOU USED TO COLLECT INFORMATION ON YOUR COMMUNITY (REFER TO AND REFERENCE COURSE MATERIALS) 2- BRIEFLY EXPLAIN WHY YOU DECIDED TO DO THIS TYPE OF ASSESSMENT 3- DESCRIBE HOW YOU COLLECTED INFORMATION 3a-PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SOURCES THAT YOU CONSULTED 3b-WHO YOU TALKED TO (IDENTIFY KEY SKATEHOLDERS, INFORMATANTS AND DECISION MAKERS) NOTE: I interviewed my PRECEPTOR, PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE, SOCIAL WORKER, SCHOOL COUNCELLOR 3d-WHAT YOU ASKED 3e-HOW YOU ENSURED CONFIDENTIALITY 3f- WHAT YOU OBSERVED KNOWLEDGE OFCOMMUNITY What did you find out about your community through your consultation? 1a-summarize answers to the questions that you asked your community 1b- make sure that you include what you saw when you did your windshield survey and epidemiological data related to your community? 1c- describe demographic/geographic breakdown, social, environmental, political and economic influences. Note: The community has large population of immigrants, single parent and low income people. Always busy working most of them do not even have time to monitor the kids. I t was even observed during winter that most of this children are not dressing warm enough for the weather. 2- What is the health issues affecting your community? 3- What are the challenges/barriers to health and social justice? 4-Does your community experience any victim blaming? Explain your answer 5- What services and programs does your placement offer to your community? Are these services upstream or downstream? 6- Does your community work with other partners? Identify the partners that they work with and how they work with them. 7-what pre-requisites to health are met by your community placement? Which pre-requisites are not met? Explain your answer and relate to course readings. 8-what political advocacy is required for this community to enjoy health? 9- How did you utilize the Ottawa charter or CHNAC standards in doing this community assessment? 10- From a socio-environmental or upstream perspective, what might be one (1) health promotion strategy a community health nurse could use to meet a health need that was identified by your community? Explain/elaborate. REFLECTIVE ON YOUR COMMUNITY 1-What have you come to understand about the lived experience of your community? 2-How did Watson's theory guide your practices as you participate in relationship building with your community? Any light-bulb moments? 3-How were you affected by this experience of interfacing with your community did you learn about yourself that you may not have known before. Course Material 2.Stamler, L., & Yiu, L. (2012). Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective. Toronto: Pearson Canada (3rd Edition). ISBN : 978-0-13-245565-7. 3.CNO (2005) Entry to Practice Competencies for Registered Nurses. www(dot)cno(dot)org 4. CNA (2008). Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. www(dot)cna-aiic(dot)ca 5. Community Health Nurses Association of Canada. (2011). Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice (CHN-C). Toronto: Authorhttp://www(dot)chnc(dot)ca/nursing-standards-of-practice.cfm ****Please note that these were revised in 2011 6. Watson's Caring Theory. http://hschealth(dot)uchsc(dot)edu/son/faculty/jw_evolution.htm . NOTE I WILL LIKE YOU TO USE FEW ARTICLES FROM YORK UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, IS IT POSSIBLE OR CAN I FORWARD SOME ARTICLE TO YOU. THANKS source..


A community is a social group of no particular size whose member composition resides in a particular area, share the same government as well as have similar historical and cultural heritage (Community Health Nurses Association of Canada, 2011). The community accessed in this particular study is Smithfield Middle School with a specific focus on grade eight students. The parents of the community are immigrants and are usually busy working most of the times. The social living situation that the dwellers are exposed to assist in making the definition of a community. The community has been used as it has health seeking traits arising from the large number of dwellers and the resultant inhabitants (Community Health Nurses Association of Canada, 2011). The history of the school traces back to the year 1845 when it was built on logs (Smithfield Middle School, 1981). It had fifty students in total. Later a brick schoolhouse was constructed in 1874 and the numbers of pupils increased to 60 (Smithfield Middle School, 1981). In the year 1966, Smithfield senior school was opened by Etobicoke Board of Education to serve 250 students (Smithfield Middle School, 1981). As time went by, two new wings were added, alongside a resource centre and a lunch room. The year 1981 marked the change of the school name to Smithfield Middle School (Smithfield Middle School, 1981). Currently it is serving a total of 835 students from grades 6-8.
The Process of consulting with the community
The method applied in the data collection is the analysis of windshield survey together with primary and secondary sources (Anderson & McFarlane, 2003). This is a method of collection (windshield survey) that is conducted through systematic observations which are made from a moving vehicle (Anderson & McFarlane, 2003). This was because the area was large enough to encompass sufficient population covers. This assessment will assist in the determining the vital data that is used in recognizing community needs, predicaments that can arise, organization of the community, their cultural practice and other aspects that are used in the establishment of the state of health in a particular community. Ultimately, this research is used to analyze health concerns in a specific community (Tones, & Green, 2004).
Data was collected via primary and secondary source methods depending on their availability during the survey. Primary sources were accessed via individual interviews of people who usually interacted with the community and had vital knowledge about the health of people in the area (CNA, 2008). Interview participants held diverse statuses surrounding health concerns in the community. One of participants was the community public health nurse. As a public nurse, this participant has various health records, methods of community treatment and has intimate knowledge of the common health issues affecting the com...
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