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COMMUNICATION AND LEADERSHIP. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Nurse Olivia Witte is in charge of an interdiscplinary team at sunrise hospital. The nurses at Sunrise have identified a need to develop a critical pathway for ventilator-dependent patients who are about to be discharged to home with home health care. Nurse Witte knows that these patients have multiple complex care needs. It is urgent that information flow be specific and detailed to make "seamless" the care transfer between the hospital and home care, where ever this may be. First, Nurse Witte had to manage a few physicians who flatly stated that they would not follow a "cookbook" concocted by nurses. Then the dietary representative presented the team with dietary protocols and suggested that nurses integrate these because nurses were in charge of the pathway maintenance. Next, nurse Witte discovered why the local home health care representative was not returning phone calls and could not come to team meetings for quite a while: the group was planning a move in 1 month and was just notified of that The Joint Commission would be visiting in 3 months.
1) What is the problem?
2) Whose problem is it?
3) What should Nurse Witte do?
4) What mode of communication should Nurse Witte use?
5) How can Nurse Witte structure a clear message?
6) To whom should Nurse Witte communicate first? Who else needs to be involved in the communication flow?
7) What leadership and management strategies should Nurse Witte use?
Suggested Headings
Title of paper (centered, not bold)
Problem Outlined (centered and bold)
Nurse Witte Actions and Communication (centered and bold)
Steps to Ensure a Clear Message (left margin justified and bold)
Communication with Participants (centered and bold)
Leadership and Management Strategies (centered and bold)
Conclusion (if you choose to use this heading it would be centered, bolded) but it is preferred to simply state…In conclusion, at the beginning of the paragraph


Communication and Leadership
Author Name
University Name
Part 1
At the Sunrise Hospital, where Olivia Witte works as in-charge of one of the interdisciplinary teams, the main problem is lack of communication. It does not look like either Olivia or any other team member has tried to resolve the issue through proper communication. Witte has to talk to the physicians who state that they are not going to follow the “cookbook” concocted by nurses (Tourish, 2016).

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