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Cleveland Clinic SWOT analysis (Essay Sample)


Please see all attachments. Include the answers for 14 questions which is mentioned. Need an introduction and conclusion. If any questions send a message. Thanks


Cleveland Clinic SWOT analysis
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Cleveland Clinic SWOT analysis
Cleveland Clinic is one of the top-ranked hospitals in the United States. The hospital serves a learning center for research and development in the medical field as well as a center for treatment and care for patients. According to the information from its website, Cleveland hospital was founded in 1921 by the Cleveland Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States. Ever since, Cleveland Hospital has grown to become a center of hope for patients with different ailments as well as a place for improvement and enhancement of quality of care for doctors, nurses, and students. A SWOT analysis helps to identify the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) that may have an impact to the success of this hospital.
Strengths (Internal/Execution)
An efficient team of leadership and governance: According to the hospital's website, Cleveland's administration comprises of the board of governors, the board of directors, and board of trustees, all working together for better decision-making.
Sound reputation. According to Daft (2017), organizations with a sound reputation can navigate challenges even as they enhance the quality of care. Cleveland Clinic is currently ranked the top hospital in the United States.
Quality staff and teamwork spirit. Quality of service and care is the force behind the ability of the organization’s to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. Cleveland Clinic has qualified staff and is directly involved in training nurses and doctors at its facilities.
A strong ethos of openness, transparency, and accountability. This is mainly attributed to the clinic’s ability to meet the needs and wants of its team of workers for better service delivery.
Presence of evidence-based clinical practice that enhances the quality of care and treatment (Skoller, 2014). This is facilitated by the hospital’s commitment to scientific research to treat and manage different diseases.
A Robust financial base that enhances research and development to stay ahead of the competitors.
International presence in Abu Dhabi, Toronto, and Canada
Weaknesses (Internal/Execution)
Long waiting-time for decision-making. Management has to go through a series of consulting the board of directors, the board of governors, and the board of trustees before making a decision. Sometimes it takes time to reach a joint agreement. Additionally, better decisions can be ignored because of conflicts of interests from some of the parties.
High staff turnover rates. Increasing competition and lack of job satisfaction are making hospital staff to quit their jobs. This comes at a cost as the hospital has invested resources in training them. Additionally, the hospital has to incur time and resources in recruiting new staff whenever a gap is created.
Underutilization of resources and staff. As a training center, Cleveland Clinic sometimes relies on services of interns and ignores maximum utilization of nurses and doctors in the facility. This leads to reduced job satisfaction as employees feel underutilized.
Tainted public image due to staff misconduct. According to Bever (2018), one of Cleveland Hospital’s surgeons was involved in

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