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Chest pain (Essay Sample)

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Chest pain
The following is an interview of a patient who had visited the health facility with chest pain. The interview was conducted in efforts to establish the biographical data of the patient, reasons for his visit, his past health, history of present illness in patient, injuries and accidents, prior hospitalizations, the family history, and patient’s perception of health. Further, the interview led to personal observations on the patient and the results are indicated here in. The information was obtained through subjective and objective techniques. Some information that the patient had to answer the questions and some information was obtained through observation.
Biographical data
The patient who was twenty six years old was born in the United States of America. He is a male bearing the name of Steven White and married to a woman who is two years younger than he is. His current occupation is civil engineer working with Davis Engineering Company.
Why did you visit the health facility?
The main reason for visiting the medical facility for health care was because of the irritating pain from the chest.
For how long have you been feeling the pain?
This has persisted for over one week. Though it started with minor pains accompanied by coughing, it has developed into more pain with coughing throughout the day. This is because of ignoring the pain as I thought that it would disappear on its own. However, it had extended.
Have you had some health problems before this?
Yes, there have been several health problems though some have been minor and did not seek medical advice. I have had headaches for over a year, though they appear for one day then they disappear. The last illness was the abdominal pain that lasted for one week. I did not seek medical advice but took some medication from the pharmacy as a friend advised and the problem disappeared.
Have you had accidents and injuries on your chest?
Yes. I have had two incidents that have caused injuries on my chest. One was at the work place where a piece of metal fell on my chest and I was taken to a hospital subconsciously. After some examinations I was put under medication and later recovered and reported back to work. The other one was when I was in high school and as we played the American football I landed with my chest on the ground. Though it did not seem serious, for the next couple of weeks I was not able to play in the field because of the pain in the chest.
Have you been hospitalized and or operated before?
I have never had an operation whatsoever. However, I have been hospitalized several times, but only in ...
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