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Chest Pain Care For 69 Years Old Patients (Essay Sample)


This is two paragraphs answer; first paragraph is the answer of the question number 1 and the second paragraph is the answer of the question number 2. Follow the rubric to answer these two questions.
My patient information: He is 69 yrs old, Admitted with Chest Pain started last night while he is sleeping. He is nauseated. He takes Diabetic and blood pressure medication at home. He plays golf and he lives at mountain falls.
ICU Assignment
Complete a paper, in APA format, addressing the following:
1. Describe the care you provided for one complex patient that you cared for or participated in the care.
a. Include how your prioritized your patient's care, the anticipate risks, and how your would predict and manage potential complications.
b. Discuss how you created a safe environment.
2. Write a summary of your teaching to reflect: patient-centered concepts including developmental stage, age, culture, patient preferences, and health literacy considerations.


Chest Pain Care For 69 Years Old Patients
Chest Pain Care For 69 Years Old Patients
Care for the Chest Pain Patients
Chest Pain is discomfort felt anywhere along the front of the body usually between the neck and upper abdomen. Chest Pain often points to a more serious and potentially life-threatening cause such as an acute heart attack. Since the patient had symptoms of nausea and was taking diabetic and blood pressure medication, it was clear that the chest pain could have been caused by overweight. The primary care given such patient with such chest pain is a gentle message at the back. This will help to ease the pain by streamlining the vertebral muscles. The patient should also be encouraged to drink plenty fluids for rehydration. This fluids intake can include caffeine-free clear liquids or clean water. Creating a safe environment for patients is also a critical part of care process which enhances the recovery process. For this matter, the 69 yrs old patient should be allowed to interact with his peers at the golf club. If the condition is

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