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Causes For Depression Among College Students (Essay Sample)

  1. Format: Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced.
  2. Length: at least 4 pages.
  3. Topic: a narrowed focus of mental health among college students.
  4. Sources: 3 webpages and 1 journal article from the library database. Of course, you can use official websites such as PBS, CNN, and BBC etc. Make sure that the webpage article is reliable to be used as evidence.
  5. Most importantly, you need to pinpoint your own position in the introduction and elaborate on your views in the body paragraphs.
  6. Substantiate your position with evidence from the sources and organize your argument in a logic manner.
  7. Use the ARE structure (Argument, Reason, Evidence) in the body paragraphs.
  8. Conclude your essay with a closing remark.
  9. APA format citation. You can refer to the citation guidance (website and examples) already uploaded to the Content in Blackboard. Both the in-text citation (last name, year of publication) and the reference page (the last page of your essay) are required.

Depression among College Students
Depression among College Students
For most of the people when they come across the term mental health, the first thing that comes to mind is someone that is suffering from psychotic breakdown or simply someone that has gone mad. What is more important to remember is that, there are millions of people that are suffering from mental health, but they are not even aware of it. To narrow down, the population of interest in this paper is the college students. These is a population that is highly active and is quite prone to mental health complications. In this case, the mental health condition of choice is depression. College students tend to develop depression from the stresses and anxieties of life. It is estimated that one in every five students are suffering from depression. To put this into perspective, in the United States alone the second course of death among the 15 to 34-year old is suicide. The idea is, most of these have depression and they get to a point where they cannot handle it anymore. For most of them, they don't realize that they are depressed until it is too late and they feel overwhelmed by life challenges, the smallest spark sends them down the spiral.
Causes for Depression among College Students
For the college students, much of the experiences are their first. This means that, they are overwhelmed by the struggles that come with the same. They are struggling with finances, their first relationships and even the pressure that comes with the education material that is sometimes complex and comes in large volumes with higher demands that they are used to.
Education stressors
One of the most obvious stressors among the students is that of performing in their academics. Anyone that has been a student, understands the pressure that comes with the need to perform in school. This is relative to the fact that, it is commonly associated with the level of success that one has when they leave school. The parents will constantly enquire how the student is doing in their studies and where they are failing, they are constantly reminded of the poor future that awaits them. More importantly, they are constantly given pressure by their lecturers, as the latter try to make sure that they achieve their mean scores as required by the colleges. There is also the fact that, most of the time the content and the complexity of the material to be covered by the student is quite huge. More importantly, as they try to catch up with the content complexity and quantity there is also attention to o

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