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Case Study: Child Bearing Focus Care (Essay Sample)


I would need the writer to follow to the dot.
Important: Please use Australian nursing journals (as much as possible), Australian health professional guidelines and systematic review, clinical reviews articles
Please please in-text reference every supporting evidence.
Sources 7-8 years
introduction: (200 words)
Research on youth experiencing pregnancy
-briefly discuss a youth experience pregnancy
-brief summary of the case study
-introduce the things will be discussed in this essay
e.g. key issues, support measures, health promotion and the positive impact of the support measures
Essay body: (600 words)
Introduce the key issues ( Discuss how each of them is an issues for the Rita, boyfriend and that effects the foetus.)
(Evidence researches why and how each one is an issues and provide advice)
Issues: x6
1. Over active (not good for the growing foetus) gym, soccer and trains
2. Drug and alcohol issues for both Rita and boyfriend (the effect on the foetus)
3. Nutrition issues (important for the pregnancy) please also advice on importance of vitamin, e.g. elevit for the foetus.
4. Tension between Rita and the boyfriend due to the lack of knowledge on pregnancy and labour preparation. (The boyfriend needs)
5. Emotional issues (Rita scared and worried about couple of things can also have a negative impact on her pregnancy)
6. Financial (unemployed and not being able to buy vitamin)
Support and measures: (500 words)
use the above key issues and discuss the support measures that will be implemented for each of them.
e.g. referral to social services- social worker (due to unemployed, and financial unstable) Please do a research on Australian health
-Referral to prenatal and postnatal
-Discuss the role of the nurse (education on labor preparation and more)
-Referral to child safety (due to the use of drug and alcohol during pregnancy) the tension between Rita and boyfriend could get worse) THE NEED OF A PARTNER
-Referral to therapist or couple counselling to assist with the emotional issues.
-Referral to dietitian
-Referral to assist with quit smoking or alcohol.
D) (150 WORDS)
Discuss the role of the nurse in health promotion for the young family
E) (150 WORDS)
Discuss positive impact of support measures for each of the issues discussed above.
F) (100WORDS)


Case Study: Child Bearing Focus Care
Institutional Affiliation
Case Study: Childbearing Focus Care
The complex problems related to pregnant teens more so the runaway and homeless teens results in many challenges for the government and short-term shelter services. Despite the fact the pregnancy rates among teens have been fluctuating over the last few years, the country has had one of the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the western industrialized world (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons, 2015) This is a clear indication that teen pregnancy remains a serious public health problem. Childbearing during teenage years has been associated with a number of negative maternal concerns among them being school dropout, risk of being unmarried, and unemployment. In addition, children born to teenagers are most of the time born prematurely and at low birth weight. Infant mortality is also likely to be higher during the first year as compared to mothers who are over twenty years old (Voellmin et al. 2013; O’Donnell, et al. 2016) The case of Rita in this case is highly similar to what runaway and homeless teens experience during pregnancy. The fact that Rita also takes alcohol and smokes cigarette albeit during the weekend even makes her case more complicated. Despite the fact that she feels the need to keep healthy by exercing and eating a healthy diet, she also runs the risk of overheating as advised by the mother. In addition, she is unemployed so her child risks living an improvised life which is common among most teenage mothers. This paper seeks to discuss issues related to teen pregnancies and propose solutions to the problem. More importantly, the paper seeks to discuss the support measures, health promotion and the positive impact of these measures.
Issues Facing the Young Family
Over Activity
Maintaining a systematic exercise routine during pregnancy may be healthy. Regular exercise can help one improve her posture and reduce some common issues such as fatigue and backaches. In addition, physical activity can help prevent gestational diabetes, reduce stress and increase the much-needed stamina for labor and child delivery. For someone who was physically active before pregnancy, continuing with exercising moderation should be relatively easy. However, it is not advisable to start exercising at one’s former level. It is important to engage in what is most comfortable for someone. Low impact aerobics are encouraged as compared with high impact aerobics. This is not the case for Rita who goes to the gym, plays soccer and uses the train often as this can have a negative impact on her growing fetus. Being overactive during pregnancy can affect the growing fetus especially if one was not active before.
Alcohol and Smoking
Prenatal exposure to alcohol and smoking increases the risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDs). Exposure to alcohol and smoking results in physiological changes which though not much is known about them have been associated with alterations in the autonomic nervous system. Newborns born to alcoholics and smokers are more likely to have a lower beat-to-beat heartrate variability as compared with those who are born to non-smokers or non-alcoholics. The fact that Rita only drink on weekend or smokes just three cigarettes in a day does not make her growing fetus any safe. This situation is further aggravated by the fact that her boyfriend is a heavy smoker a fact that makes her a second smoker.
Most healthcare providers recommends one to take prenatal supplement before or shortly after conception. This ensures that a pregnant woman meets all her nutritional needs. It is however to note that a prenatal supplement is not a supplement for a healthy diet. The case of Rita is h...

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