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The Canadian Government has failed to Provide Optimal Care to Senior Citizens in Ontari (Essay Sample)


No more than 4 pages not including title and reference pages. APA 7th edition only. Thesis proposal but argumentative (1 argument per paragraph x3). Each of the 3 paragraphs is a separate argument that support the thesis. Present a critical analysis of literature that clearly and logically builds your argument (and therefore supports the thesis). Goal is to persuade the professor that my opinion or thesis statement is reasonable and well supported (grounded evidence). The arguments may be historical, ethical, social, cultural or political. But each paragraph must be clearly distinct, relevant and directly support thesis statement. The final paragraph is a summary of the thesis statement and the 3 arguments. Final sentences should include the significance of the issue to nursing and should leave the reader with some 'food for though' or a consideration to ponder. Identifying areas for future research is recommended!
A minimum of 8-10 references are needed that are articles that have been peer-reviewed and credible. Essay is a persuasive argument that supports/defends a thesis. Limited quotations. References to be paraphrased. Do not use words like 'I' or 'we' or 'you' or 'our'.
Here is what I have so far. I even started with references as you can see below:
Transcultural Thesis Paper – rough draft
During the unprecedented times of a new virus causing a global pandemic, promises are continually being announced that all seniors and long-term care will be of primary focus effective immediately. Ironically, the healthcare sector of our province has been, what this writer calls, ‘a timing ticking bomb waiting to crash’, due to the enormous insufficient staffing ratios and unfair safe working conditions, even prior to the COVID pandemic. Health care workers have recently been shined upon because of working under these torturous unsafe conditions, but also because there is only now a world-wide recognition of the obvious long-standing problems withing nursing homes. Recognition such as prioritizing health care is now being righteously advocated, by the public, to ensure appropriate care is being provided to our most vulnerable population group. Additionally, there has been increased advocation to ensuring all safety and/or necessity tools are being provided to all frontline health care workers that are evidently sacrificing their own lives too.
THESIS STATEMENT - The Canadian government has failed to provide optimal healthcare for the vulnerable seniors, residing across all Ontario Long-term care homes.
Argument 1 (paragraph) – There was a long-term care crisis well before the pandemic.
Argument 2 (paragraph) – Why it had to wait for the military to blow the whistle before the government started to truly listen and adjust for the betterment of LTC across Ontario.
Argument 3 (paragraph) – Lacking pandemic preparedness and care for our senior citizens.
Conclusion – Reiterating my thesis of reasoning's to believe that our Canadian government has failed to provide optimal care within the health and long-term care sector.
This is my professor by the way: see link below.
"cite the work being paraphrased on first mention. Once the work has been cited, it is not necessary to repeat the citation as long as the context of the writing makes it clear that the same work continues to be paraphrased."
The Canadian government has failed to provide optimal healthcare for the most vulnerable seniors, residing across all Ontario Long-term care homes, and safe working environment for health care workers, disappointingly during an amid global crisis.  The Canadian government has failed vulnerable seniors within the long-term care homes.


The Canadian Government has failed to Provide Optimal Care to Senior Citizens in Ontario Long-term care Homes
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The Canadian Government has failed to Provide Optimal Care to Senior Citizens in Ontario
The unprecedented repercussions of coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) have hit hard the vulnerable senior population in Canada. The Canadian government and relevant stakeholders have taken swift action to announce plans that are geared towards the provision of long-term care to seniors. Currently, there is palpable praise for healthcare workers, which accompanied by increased advocacy for safer working environments and conditions. Many might feel that the COVID-19 has significantly strained the Canadian healthcare system and reduce its capacity to care for the senior populations. It would be quite surprising to know that the Canadian healthcare system has been at a tipping point; it just required a slight effect of COVID-19 to expose the enormous challenges that permeate through the healthcare system. There is a significant shortfall of human health resources, and working conditions are considered unsafe, but it must be noted that these problems existed even before COVID-19. This situation demonstrates that the Canadian healthcare system has not prioritized the care of the most vulnerable population adequately. 

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