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C494 Strategies For Incorporating Patient Safety Education (Essay Sample)


Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety are the prime guidelines of nursing. Quality and safety standards and practices may change as knowledge grows. Consider the importance of the IHI certificate on quality and patient safety and how you might use it in your future professional role.
Write a one-page reflection on your understanding of quality and safety considering the following:
• Discuss how the program assisted you I developing your current professional definition of quality and safety.
• Identify the artifacts (a paper/work that the student created/wrote themselves in previous WGU courses) in your e-portfolio that support your definition - The artifacts should be attached within the e-e-portfolio
• Explain how the artifacts you identified support your definition
• Discuss the importance of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) certificate for your future role as a professional nurse. – This certificate should also be attached within the e-portfolio.


Quality and Safety
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Throughout the program, I have gained a lot of knowledge with regard to quality and safety in the nursing field. I plan to implement such knowledge in my future workplace to ensure that I provide the best healthcare to my patients. Observing quality plays a substantial role in improving health by avoiding the various actions that could result in accidents. Such accidents contribute to medication errors, which could lead to death or worsening of the patient's condition (Maxwell & Wright, 2016). Therefore, it is important to ensure that every procedure is carefully carried out in regard to the hospital's regulations to avoid such accidents. For instance, some infections such as TB requires the nurses to take plenty of protective measures when dealing with the patients. It is such safety measures that prevent the spreading of the infecti  Strategies For Incorporating Patient Safety Education

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