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Bombing Effects on the environment, and consequently on Human health (Essay Sample)

Instructions 1. The purpose of the schorlarly paper is to relate Florence Nightingales theory with the effects of bombing on pure air,pure water and food ( environment). 2. Please do not mention Florence nightingale in the thesis statement, she and her work should only be related to all the points made 3. Please use all 6 articles( ONLY) ,and relatively evenly 4. Florence nightingales notes on nursing and nursing organization (Rnao or Cno) should also be incorporated Making a total of 8 Sources 5. Please Ensure NO PLAGIARISM 6. This is the third time professor rejecting my paper and giving me the final chance,so he gave me all the Sources herself and expect a perfect job this time. 7. Should not exceed 5 pages please. 8. Flow and consistency, No Typo error source..

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Human beings are responsive to the environment and have reparative powers when in a proper environment. Human beings, however, are not just an entity on their own, but a as a result of the environment and the resultant effects of them as human beings. The environment, that is the external conditions that are of human beings, influences the life and development of any organism and is capable of surprising, preventing, and contributing to death of an organism or human beings (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) 2007). The physical environment focuses on clean air, clean water, ventilation, warmth, odors, light and noise. Altogether, they affect the psychological environment in many ways including causing stress, which affects both the mind and the body.
Simple actions such as changing the beddings one often uses to sleep, and allowing light into a dark room that is inhabited are just some of the stimulating actions we can take to achieve a healthier environment and in turn a healthier body. This is what nursing care can be all about in the process. It is about providing a proper environment for an opportunity for a healthier growth. In order to attain proper environment for proper health to thrive there are some essential components that have to be kept clean or pure. These are air, because this is where we get the oxygen we breathe, water, an efficient drainage, light and proper sanitation or cleanliness (Namazi, et al. 2009).
Since there is there is considerable recognition and concern of the impacts modern warfare such as bombing have and environment. This paper seeks to look at the impact of such activities, especially bombing, on the environment with regard to how they disrupt the pureness of water that is important to human life, immediate environment that human beings consume for nutritive value and air. These have become the cause for concern for many particularly because these are essentials for human survival. Their contamination is therefore a great deal to society that may end up causing adverse negative effects on the overall health and life span of communities and societies.
Bombs are a form of modern industrial warfare that apart from the ability of putting to an end several hundreds of people through explosions and resulting destruction, they can cause considerably high and devastating physical environmental damage (Nightingale & Skretkowicz, 2010). This damage more often than not extends to contamination of fresh water bodies that are a fundamental source for everyday water, to immediate environment that is grown on the farms and we consume everyday to pollution of the air that we breathe everyday. This paper seeks to establish the manner in which bombing can affect each of these three essentials of life.
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