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Compare and Describe the Benefits of Natural Oils (Essay Sample)


please compare and describe the health benefits and risks of Olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil, vegetable oil and coconut oil for food preparation and digestion.
Create a list of the optimal oil/heat for food preparation- suggest the healthiest options/ and why.


Beneficial Cooking Oils
Benefits of Natural Oils
Please compare and describe the health advantages and risks of Olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil, vegetable oil and coconut oil for food preparation and digestion.
Food is an essential need in for human life; it is, therefore, vital to choose the healthiest oils to use while cooking. There are a variety of cooking oils made available in the retail shops. However, most customers do not know the oils that have most health benefits. When they get to the shelves they just pick any oil. What is important to note is the oils with the most health benefits contain low cholesterol levels. Some oils when heated incredibly tend to lose their nutritional values. All cooking oils have benefits as well as risks associated with them. Below are the advantages of the oils listed above.
Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is ranked among the healthiest oils. An individual can take the avocado while raw or use it as cooking oil. The oil has the highest smoke point when compared to olive oil. Having a high smoke point is an advantage because the oil is able to retain nutrients even when exposed to high temperatures (Rosenfeld & Beath, 2013).The oil contains Phytosterols, compounds which reduce the rate at which the cholesterol is absorbed in the body.
Coconut Oil
Just like the avocado oil, coconut oil has some benefits associated with its use. Adding a little bit of coconut oil to one’s diet can significantly reduce the chances of having digestive diseases. The oil has antimicrobial compounds that are good for fighting bacteria that cause indigestion. In preparation of food, it’s one of the best oils because it has a high smoke point.
Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil is on many occasions recommended for use by several experts due to its benefits. They oils are said to be easily digested by the body. Individuals who use margarine and butter in their diets revise their menus and start using vegetable oil. Vegetable oil contains high amounts of volatile oils which can be very harmful to the body if they are in excess. This is unlike olive and coconuts oils which have slight quantities of volatile oils them.
Olive Oil
Olive oil is among the widely recognized oils by a majority of people. The oil has a medicinal benefit of cleaning the digestive tract to ease the process of digestion. Olive oil can also neutralize omega 6 fatty acids, which are a significant problem in modern diet (Möller et al., 2008). Olive oil has very many nutrients in it. Ho...
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