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BHS420 TD (Essay Sample)

BHS420 :: Module 1 TD Using your knowledge about the differences between quantitative and qualitative data, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach to a research study investigating HIV/AIDS. In other words, which approach is more or less useful for the control of this disease? Which aspects of the disease can be understood using quantitative methods? Which aspects can be understood with a qualitative approach? BHS420 :: Module 2 TD A psychologist is interested in studying women who are in the process of obtaining a divorce to determine whether there are significant attitudinal changes after the divorce has been finalized. Existing records from the geographic area in question show that 798 couples have recently filed for divorce. Assume a sample of 25 women is needed for the study. What type/s of method/s of random selection can you use to determine which women should be asked to participate in the study? BHS420 :: Module 3 TD A "trimmed mean" drops the highest and lowest extreme values and averages the rest. By trimming the data, we are able to reduce the impact of very large or very small values on the mean, and thus get a more reliable measure of the central value of the set.If we were interested in studying obesity in a small sample size of 10 adult men by looking at their body weights and heights, would you say that trimming the mean is a good idea? Why or why not? What are the advantages of trimming the mean in this situation? What are the disadvantages? BHS420 :: Module 4 TD A group of researchers would like to study the influence of physical inactivity, junk food consumption, and television viewing on obesity in children. If obesity is defined by body mass index (BMI) or weight over height squared, please discuss the dependent and independent variables of this research study. Please also come up with OTHER independent variables that may influence or confound their results. Explain your reasoning behind your choices. BHS420:: Module 5 TD Please post one to two paragraphs regarding the areas of strength and weakness for this course. It could be a module or a particular assignment but try to think about what has helped you the most and vice versa. Whether or not cigarette smoking adversely effects bone density in adolescents is an important research question because it would also increase their risk for osteoporosis later in life. Other important determinants of bone density are body weight, physical activity, hormones, and calcium intake. In your opinion, which one/s of these factors (independent variables) will have a negative correlation with bone density and which one/s will have a positive correlation? Please explain the reasoning for your answer. Lable each question as Module 1 thru Module 5 source..
Name Course Lecturer Date of submission BHS420 :: Module 4 TD Use of appropriate statistical tools in any research is of paramount essence more so when the researcher aims at coming up with results that are reflective of research carried out. Variables in a research are categorized as either dependent or independent. The independent variables are those which are absolutely free to vary by themselves. This means that changes that take place in one variable do not necessarily have to be influenced by changes in the other variable. For example, ability to do a headstand in gymnastics is not influenced by one`s ability to consume more oxygen. In this context, oxygen consumption and head balance are independent variables. On the other hand, dependent variables are those which are not free to vary, thus they can be influenced by other factors. for example, when we consider weight and height of an individual, weight is more dependent on height in that taller people will tend to be heavier that short people. This means weight is more dependent on height and therefore being influenced by one`s height. In the research of obesity, height will be the independent variable. This is for the fact that one`s height cannot be manipulated. By taking height as the independent variable, the researcher will be able to determine whether physical inact...
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