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BHA 320 TD 4 REDUCING HOSPITAL INFECTIONS Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Assume you are recently hired as the department manager for the surgical unit at a 300-bed acute care hospital. There has been an ongoing problem with hospital-acquired infections in the surgical unit. The hospital does not get paid for treating these infections and it is extremely costly. As a result, the prior manager was terminated. Describe your approach from both an operations and quality perspective in addressing the problem. What would you do first? What tactics would you use? Who would you get involved? Develop critical thinking around the urgent problem.
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Optional Reading
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Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections
Student’s Name
Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections
Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a cause of alarm for many healthcare organizations as it affects patients’ health outcomes and increases costs for healthcare organizations. As a recently hired manager for the department of the surgical unit, my key responsibility is to reduce HAIs and improve the quality of care. To address this issue, I would first introduce an audit tool that not only improves the surgical unit’s staff knowledge about HAIs but also evaluates this knowledge by checking whether the staff members are using evidence-based guidelines in preventing HAIs. According to Casey, Prasad, Distel, and Evenson (2015), lack of staff training or knowledge on infection control or HAIs is one of the major contributing factors towards a high prevalence of HIAs. The audit tool would provide the staff with the necessary training to fill the existing knowledge gap in HAIs prevention. As such, staff in the surgical unit will become aware of the best practices and how to be compliant with them. Further, the audit tool would ensure that all staff is observing the said practices. Through evaluation, I would be able to identify whether the staff members can meet the goals of reducing HAIs. Also, this evaluation would be essential in identifying further training needs as well as areas of improvement in the delivery of quality care. The use of an audit tool is evidence-based and has been used in other larger hospitals to reduce HAIs. For instance, it was used at a 953-bed level one trauma hospital and within 32 months, the hospital had experienced a 50% decrease in HAIs (Ghonim & Freeman, 2020). This approach would encompass all staff who are part of the surgical unit since they are all responsible for reducing HAIs and delivering high quality of care.

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