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Benchmark-Role governance in Healthcare organizations (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to examine the concept of governance within a health care organization.
Write a 1,250-1,500 word paper addressing the following:
Discuss corporate structure and how it affects the effectiveness of governance.
Determine various roles of governance within organizations and how they should interact within a team setting (e.g., board meetings, committee meetings, oversight, compliance meetings).
Describe concerns to consider when developing and strengthening a team culture. For example: Team members working independently or at cross-purposes, also known as "turf battles," that can slow or impede the accomplishment of project purposes. The tone of meetings and interactions that can be seen as negative, manipulative, directive, or secretive.
Research a current federal or state compliance topic, such as the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS). You are required to select a topic other than the Affordable Care Act. Provide an example of an organization's failure to properly apply governance concepts.
Describe how you would apply principles of servant and values-based leadership skills to integrate governance concepts and strategies to improve health care operations.
Use 4 to 5 peer-reviewed resources to support your response.


Role of Governance in Health Care Organizations
Institutional Affiliation:
Role of Governance in Health Care Organizations
Governance in health care refers to the different functions that the organizations take to steer it in the right direction concerning their goals and objectives (Brown, 2019). Furthermore, governance also ensures that national health policies are adhered to by the organization. Proper governance thus enables the organization to balance competing interests in the industry while maintaining its edge while providing proper health care services. With these systems in place, the organization can account for its performance, processes, and leadership abilities.
Corporate structure
Corporate structure enables an organization to distinguish between the management aspect and ownership aspects. Clearly defining these two aspects of leadership ensures that there are separate powers, especially with regard to public ownership in an organization. 

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