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Be Prepared as a Nurse Practitioner (Essay Sample)


Being prepared as a Nurse Practitioner when entering the clinic setting is a win-win for the student, the preceptor and most of all the patient. Safe, effective delivery of patient care requires that the nurse practitioner student understand the complexity of healthcare systems, the limits of human factors, safety design principles, characteristics of high reliability organizations, and patient safety resources. These components are critical to the preparation of safe clinicians and essential for 21st Century healthcare delivery. 

Discuss how you met the Unit Two Objectives as well as barriers to safe practice that can occur if you come to the clinic setting unprepared. Support your discussion with evidence based practice and recommendations for improvement of safe patient care in the primary care setting.

Required: 2 pages, must be APA format 6th edition. Must be 3 references within 3 years in US ONLY.


Be Prepared
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Be Prepared
Nurse practitioners play a vital role in the health of the community. They can improve the health status of the community with the help of best and reliable practices. At the same time, malpractice can cause a decline in community health.
Background Information
According to the recent report regarding malpractice in nursing, 1800 incidents have been reported. Most of the allegations regarding malpractice were reported on family practice, adult care, and primary care (Medical Malpractice Lawyers, nd). The allegations were related to failure in diagnosis, late diagnosis, improper care, improper prescription, and failure to refer patients to emergency unit timely.
Problem Description
Healthcare providers are responsible to provide high quality and safe care services to patients. At times the negligence of the nurse practitioner is considered malpractice of the physician because of three factors that include negligent supervision, negligent selection, and respondent superior. Many nurse practitioners face allegations regarding negligence or wrong prescription.
Overview of the Solution
To avoid the allegations of negligence and malpractice, there is a need to do collaborative efforts. The student with the teacher must examine the patient keenly. The symptoms and findings of the patient’s illness should be well understood by the trainees. It is the responsibility of the attending physician to make it sure that the decision was made under his supervision by the students about the patient critical situation.
The current study will focus on patients who are suffering from a headache. The study will focus on the effective delivery of patient care, patient safety resources, Safety design principles, and limits of human factors.

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