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Applying Ethical Framework in Practice (Essay Sample)


: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma(Part 2) 1) In your CLC group, interview a hospital administrator, a spiritual leader, a health care colleague, anda neighbor/friend. (A total of fourdifferent individuals mustbe interviewed by the group in-person or by telephone). a) Askallindividuals interviewed to share their philosophy and worldview in relation to the ethical dilemmayour group identified for Part 1 of this CLC assignment. b) Summarize the responses of each of the four individuals interviewed. c) As a group, consider the responses of the individuals interviewed and assess their similarities/differences. 2) Compose a written recommendation (750-1,000 words), incorporating the research your group has done as well as the four interview results to come to a resolution to the ethical dilemma. Be sure to clearly articulate your group's position and the rationale for your position. 3) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 4) Submit the four interview summaries and the group resolution to the instructor by the end of Module 5. Research is supportive of the rationale presented. Sources are distinctive. Addresses all of the issues stated in the assignment criteria. Interviews are discussed in detail and thoughtfully supported the reasoning for the resolution. Identifies own position on issue, gives justification and connection to theory, and uses details and research that support resolution. Identifies own position on issue, gives justification and connection to theory, and uses details and research that support resolution. Thesis and/or main claim are comprehensive; contained within the thesis is the essence of the paper. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.

Applying Ethical Framework in Practice Name University Date Applying Ethical Framework in Practice Ethical dilemma has coursed this uncertainty in the given society. This has always placed the nurses into tight circumstance that needs facts on how to solve certain dilemma. Only used the information they have in hand so that they are not in the breach of the confidentiality among the parties involved. It has to ensure confidentiality between them so as to maintain the relationships of the individuals involved. The theory of ethical dilemma has just placed individuals in state which they have to make decisions on the critical scenario and this placed the nurses of a given hospital to maintain their relationship. As per the interview performed on the various groups like the hospital administrator, a spiritual leader, a health care colleague and a friend we found out the information given below CITATION Har85 \l 1033 (Harriet H. Werley, 1985). In the St.joseph hospital a hospital administrator Paul Hatawai faces a dilemma in administrating his duties as an administrator. He faces a lot of management duties which he has to achieve. He faces difficulty in the hiring the number of clinicians in the hospital due to the shortage within the hospital capacity. Administrator Hatawai has the control of the given hospital and is require showing a good leadership in the effectiveness of the hospital duties. He/she should look into various ways of achieving the healthcare duties within the hospital requirement. And the solution on the unethical dilemma depends on the previous experiences the administrator has. The administrator Hatawai has the overall authority to control the confidentiality of the patients within the hospital. He/she ensures that there is moral virtues in the availing of the patients if it's a must to leak out the information to the other nurses CITATION Lau10 \l 1033 (Laura Marie Borgelt, 2010). This is explained in the contact confidentiality principle where...
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