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Applying Ethical Applying ethical Frameworks in Practice (Essay Sample)

I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE SAME WRITER ON ORDER # 100012715 PLEASE SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW TO DO THE ASSIGNMENT ALSO YOU MUST REFER THE GRADING RUBRIC TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT WHICH IS AN ATTACHMENT.PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE LINK WHICH IS GIVEN BELOW. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Ethical Frameworks in Practice paper that describes your professional position as a REGISTERED NURSE regarding patient confidentiality using the following article: "Bioethics on NBC's ER: Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? When is it ok to Break Confidentiality?" located at http://www(dot)bioethics(dot)net/articles.php?viewCat=7&articleId=133 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii) As you write your paper, include the following: (1) Explain the ethical implications of a breach of confidentiality. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Provide ethical theories and/or ethical principles (from among those introduced in your readings) to substantiate your position. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) Identify a reasonable alternative to address the dilemma presented in the article using a framework of ethical decision making presented in lecture or in your readings. Explain the significance of applying this framework. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) Explain how an ethics committee might approach the dilemma using ethical theories, principles, and a collaborative approach to ethical decision making. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iii) Use standard paper format in APA style, including an introduction, a conclusion,and a title page. REFERENCES SHOULD BE in APA FORMATAT abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the Reference section. source..
Applying ethical Frameworks in Practice Name Course Institution Date of Submission Applying ethical Frameworks in Practice Abstract Ethics is a subject that has given different professions not only headaches but also guideline to operations. Within a given profession, so many ethical issues arise. Ethics is regarded as a moral philosophy; branch of philosophy addressing moral issues, which include wrong or right, evil or bad, and vice and virtue. Amongst the earliest philosopher who proposed the idea of ethics is Aristotle who claimed that ethics is not a theoretical concept but something humanity should do practically. In most professions, the commonly used branch of ethics is applied ethics where employees are required to perform some ethical actions. One biggest challenge that has faced the community from classical period to contemporary period is the differences in what constitutes a good act and a bad act (Thompson, Melia & Boyd, 2006). For instance, whereas it is unethical to kill in some communities, some believe that it is ethical to do so while fighting ‘holy war’. Nevertheless, there has been incorporation of the different communities to come up with a universal accepted ethical code of conduct thus reducing the disparities. This paper focuses on the ethical issues within the nursing profession. It picks on confidentiality of medical information of patients and describes the ethical issues behind its breach. Introduction Nursing is a very important profession dealing with provision of healthcare service to patients. Some people believe that it is a profession of the ‘brave heart’ that is those people driven beyond time and quantity to offer hope to the sick and dying through medical attention. Recent developments in the contemporary world has affected this philosophical principles of nursing profession and now instead of being driven by time and quantity, most of the nurses are driven by monetary gains (Fry & Johnstone, 2002). Contemporary nursing unlike the classical one is deemed as versatile spreading across a spectrum of roles, duties, and responsibilities all with the aim of helping a sick person recover. Since nurses from classical period were seen as responsible people with ‘brave hearts’, most of their ethical guideline are not written down instead they are required to emulate the best within any available circumstance. Developments have however for...
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