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Analyzing an Ethical Decision Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Review literature for moral/ethical issues encountered by advanced practice nurses in clinical practice.
Select an article that was published within the last five years.
Write a two page paper that answers the following questions:
Summarize the moral/ethical issue in the article (no more than 1 paragraph)
Describe the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the issue
Analyze the ethical issue and compare them to the State Health Laws and Regulations in your state (Colorado)
Outline the process of ethical decision making you would use to address this ethical dilemma


Analyzing an Ethical Decision
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Analyzing an Ethical Decision
Suicidal individuals who have a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order present an ethical dilemma to the practice nurses and physicians. In the case presented, an elderly woman has been presented to the emergency department after she was suspected of trying to commit suicide (Henman, 2017). The patient had been previously admitted to the hospital because of her condition, and it was during her hospitalization that she applied for a DNR order. Despite the patient’s terminal illness, the physician felt the need to intubate the patient (Henman, 2017).
The decision of whether to respect the order or treat the patient in the case of a suicide attempt proves challenging for the practitioner. Patients who apply for a do-not-resuscitate order require medical practitioners to honor their decisions no matter the circumstance. Furthermore, any adult of sound mind has the right to dictate what should be done to their own body and that any attempt by a medical practitioner to operate on the individual without their consent will have committed assault (Bolsin & Saunders, 2012). However, some patients might refuse treatment as part of a suicide attempt while others might refuse treatment because it is futile. Suicide is considered a danger to oneself, and in such cases, the individuals are required to receive involuntary treatment (Johnson & Stern, 2014). Suicidal patients can, therefore, receive involuntary treatment if they are assumed to be depressed, their attempt is impulsive, they need help, or they require a second chance which would be impossible once they die (Johnson & Stern, 2014). In the case of the elderly woman, her attempt to kill herself can render her incompetent, and therefore, the practitioner can administer treatment to her despite the DNR. However, not all patients who attempt to commit suicide are incomp

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